Kingdom of Alita / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Pinrang

The Kingdom of Alitta is a kingdom of the Bugis people in the Ditrict of Pinrang, prov. south Sulawesi.
This kingdom existed from the 16th century.
This kingdom was part of the Confederation of Ajatappareng.

Location District of Pinrang

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History of the kingdom of Alita, 16th century

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In the past there was a confederation of five Bugis kingdoms located on the west and north of Lake Tempe and Sidenreng on the southwestern peninsula of South Sulawesi. These kingdom were among others Sidenreng, Sawitto, Suppa, Rappang and Alitta. These five Ajattappareng kingdoms were prosperous around the 1700s with abundant crops, that eventually became the battle for the great kingdoms of the kingdom of Luwu, the kingdom of Bone and the kingdom of Gowa. In this competition the kingdom of Gowa finally succeeded in intervening in the system of government and making alliance of these five Ajatappareng kingdoms under its protection.

Later Ajatappareng Kingdom was divided into four districts and one municipality. Sawitto, Alitta and the north-central part of Suppaq, most of which were Pinrang districts, which had previously been inhabited for a number of settlements, that were not part of the Ajattappareng kingdom before 1600. These settlements included Batu Lappaq, Kassaq and Letta, formerly part of the Massenrempulu Confederation known as the Five Massenrempulu (five mountains on the edge of the mountains), and a number of other small independent settlements such as Supirang, inhabited by people with language, culture and ethnicity associated with Mamasa-Toraja. While Letta is under the jurisdiction of Sawitto after being attacked by the Boné kingdom in 1685 for killing his royal envoy.

List of kings

1. We Patteteng tana Cella (We Cella), Arung
2. La Gojeng, Arung Alitta dan Arung Arateng.
3. La Massora, Arung Alitta (Suami bidadari dan Cikal bakal kisah Sumur manurung Lapakkit)
4. We tenriLEkke, Arung Alitta.
5. Petta Moppangnge, Arung Alitta.

6. We Cella, Arung Alitta.
7. We pasa Ma’BalancaE, Arung Alitta, Arung belawa, Arung Bulu Cenrana.
8. La Pamessangi (Petta i Kulua, MatinroE ri Kulua) Arung Alitta, Datu Suppa, Arung Belawa Orai.
9. La Pattasi, Arung Alitta (Pengalihan kekuasaan dari Gowa ke Bone)
10. To Dani, Arung Alitta, Datu Suppa, Addatuang Sawitto, Addatuang Sidenreng, Datu Citta dan Karaeng Galingkang.(Arung Ajattappareng)

11. La Toware Arung Alitta, Datu Suppa.
12. We Tasi Arung Alitta, Arung Ganra(Soppeng).
13. La Posi Arung Alitta
14. To Sibengngareng (Petta Mabbola BatuE), Arung Alitta.
15. We Mappalewa, Arung Alitta(di keluarkan)

16. Muhammad Saleng, Arung Alitta, Arung Sijelling (Calabai Tungke’Na Alitta).
17. We Cinde, Arung Alitta dan Addatuang Sawitto.
18. La Cibu, Arung Alitta dan Addatuang Sawitto
19. We Cella Tenripaddanreng (Sitti Aisyah) Arung Alitta (di peristri oleh Sultan Husein Karaeng Lembang Parang Somba di Gowa)
20. I Pangoriseng Bau TodE Petta Alitta, Arung Alitta (Putra raja Gowa).
21. La BodE.Arung Alitta (installed by the dutch to become king).

About the Confederation of Ajatappareng

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The Confederation of Ajatappareng consisted of the kingdoms Suppa, Sawitto, Sidenreng, Rappang dan Alitta.
The Confederation of Ajatappareng was a form of a partnership agreement between 5 kingdoms of South Sulawesi. This Confederation was founded in the 16th century.
The Confederation of Ajatappareng was formed to create prosperity and peace in order to organize the common life in Ajatappareng area.
The formation of this partnership was also in response to the increasing external demand for export commodities, along with the presence of foreign traders, especially Malay traders in the region.

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