Kingdom of Benua Tunu / Sumatera – Prov. Aceh, Kab. Aceh Tamiang

The Kingdom of Benua Tunu was located on Sumatera, District Aceh Tamiang, province of Aceh.

Location prov. of Aceh

District Aceh Tamiang

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Kingdoms that ever existed in Bumi (Land) Tamiang:
* kingdom of Benua Tunu,
* kingdom of Bendahara,
* kingdom of Seruway,
* kingdom of Karang Tamiang.

After King Kandis passed away, his position was replaced by his son-in-law king Pendekar Sri Mangkuta; he moved the centre of the government to Pantai Tinjau (1523 – 1558 AD). At the beginning of his reign he had made a visit to the Kingdom of Aceh which at that time was led by Sultan Muqayat Shah (1511-1530 AD) and at the time of the visit the Sultan gave recognition to the Kingdom of Tamiang.

During his reign, the kingdom of Tamiang was broken into two small kingdoms, namely: Negeri Karang and Benua Tunu. These two kingdoms were each led by the descendants of Muda Sedia and Muda Sedinu. Benua Tunu was built on the ruins of Kota Benua Raja, led by the king Gempa Alamsyah (1558-1588) and Negeri Karang was led by King Fromsyah (1588-1590) centered in Negeri Menanggini. Both of these small kingdoms were subject to the Tamiang kingdom at Pantai Tinjau (Raja Pendekar Sri Mangkuta).

After king Sri Mangkuta died, during the reign of king Penita (1699-1700), a descendant of the king Gempa Alamsyah ruled Benua Tunu and king Tan Kuala (1662-1699) descendent of king Fromsyah ruled Negeri Karang; there was no civil war in the fight for the power of the Tamiang kingdom, so the two brothers and sisters agreed (Benua Tunu and Negeri Karang) together, to  appeal to Sultan Taj Alam Syaifuddin Mukayatsyah (1641-1676). And during the reign of Ratu Kemalat Syah (1688-1699) the kingdom of Benua Tunu and Negeri Karang in Syahkan of became a sovereign kingdom, with the Cap Sikureung from the Sultan of Aceh.
With the passage of time of the two small kingdoms, new kingdoms appeared, namely Negeri Bendahara under the Government of Potjcut Achmad with the title of king Bendahara I (1883-1871); it also obtained Cap (seal) Sikureung from the sultan of Aceh.

List of kings

1) 1558-1588:  Gempa Alamsyah
2) 1588-1629:  PO Banda
3) 1629-1669:  PO Perum
4) 1669-1700:  Pendita
5) 1700-1737:  PO Gam
6) 1737-1770:  PO Kecik
7) 1770-1800:  PO Penuh
8) 1800-1837:  Bahma
9) 1837-1860:  Perum
10) 1860-1866:  Peganding
11) 1866-1872:  Pegondan
12) 1872-1887:  Nyak Mut
13) 1887-1893:  Raja Man
14) 1893-1911:  Mangkubumi
15) 1911-1917:  Raja Habsyah
16) 1917-1933:  Mangku Raja
17) 1933-1945:  Raja Sulung

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The palace

Currently the Istana Benua is still well maintained. Because the Palace of the king of Tamiang is still inhabited by the lineage of the Kingdom of Benua Tunu.
The palace is located is in Desa Benua Raja, Rantau District. 

Old maps of Aceh

Map of Aceh, 1646. Achem, from ‘Livro do Estado da India Oriental’, an account of Portuguese settlements in the East Indies, by Pedro Barreto de Resende


Map of Aceh 1873.

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