Sultanate of Buton / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara, Kab. Buton

The Sultanate of Buton was founded in 1332. It is located on the island of Buton. South-east Sulawesi.
The sultanate of Buton in ancient times had its own kingdom called the kingdom of Buton and later turned into a sultanate known as the Sultanate of Buton.

Prov. of South East Sulawesi

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Revival of the sultanate 2012

After 52 years vacuum of the throne, a new Sultan was installed on 13-12-2012: dr La Ode Izzat Manarfa, Sultan Buton the 40th.

History of the sultanate

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Before the kingdom of Buton there was the kingdom of Wolio.
The forerunner of the kingdom of Buton to become a Kingdom was first pioneered by the group Mia Patamiana (the four people) namely Sipanjonga, Simalui, Sitamanajo, Sijawangkati, who by their oral source originated from the Malay Peninsula Peninsula at the end of the 13th century.
The kingdom of Buton was founded in 1332. The beginning of the reign was led by a queen titled Queen Wa Kaa Kaa. Then the second king was also a queen namely Queen Bulawambona. After two queens, there were King Bataraguru, King Tuarade, King Rajamulae, and lastly King Murhum. When Buton embraced Islam, the Murhum King was titled Sultan Murhum.
The kingdom of Buton officially became an Islamic kingdom during the reign of King Buton to-6, namely Timbang Timbangan or Lakilaponto or Halu Oleo.

Map of the sultanate of Buton (year ?)

List of sultans

1) 1491-1537: Sultan Murhum
2) 1545-1552: Sultan La Tumparasi
3) 1566-1570: Sultan La Sangaji
4) 1578-1615: Sultan La Elangi
5) 1617-1619: Sultan La Balawo
6) 1632-1645: Sultan La Buke
7) 1645-1646: Sultan La Saparagau
8) 1647-1654: Sultan La Cila
9) 1654-1664: Sultan La Awu
10) 1664-1669: Sultan La Simbata

11) 1669-1680: Sultan La Tangkaraja
12)1680-1689: Sultan La Tumpamana
13) 1689-1697: Sultan La Umati
14) 1697-1702: Sultan La Dini
15) 1702: Sultan La Rabaenga
16) 1702-1709: Sultan La Sadaha
17) 1709-1711: Sultan La Ibi
18) 1711-1712: Sultan La Tumparasi
19) 1712-1750: Sultan Langkariri
20) 1750-1752: Sultan La Karambau

21) 1752-1759: Sultan Hamim
22) 1759-1760: Sultan La Seha
23) 1760-1763: Sultan La Karambau
24) 1763-1788: Sultan La Jampi
25) 1788-1791: Sultan La Masalalamu
26) 1791-1799: Sultan La Kopuru
27) 1799-1823: Sultan La Badaru
28) 1823-1824: Sultan La Dani
29) 1824-1851: Sultan Muh. Idrus
30) 1851-1861: Sultan Muh. Isa

31) 1871-1886: Sultan Muh. Salihi
32) 1886-1906: Sultan Muh. Umar
33) 1906-1911: Sultan Muh. Asikin
34) 1914: Sultan Muh. Husain
35) 1918-1921: Sultan Muh. Ali
36) 1922-1924: Sultan Muh. Saifu
37) 1928-1937: Sultan Muh. Hamidi
38) 1937-1960: Sultan Muh. Falihi
39) mei 2012-19 july 2013: La Ode Muhammad Jafar
40) 13 des. 2013 – sekarang La Ode Muhammad Izat Manarfa.

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Palace: Kamali, or Malige

This place is home to the 37th Buton Sultan, Sultan Muhammad Hamidi Kaimuddin in power 1927 to 1937. The Palace was built in 1929.
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