Kingdom of Japura / Java

The Kingdom of Japura covered the District of Astana Japura, Sindanglaut and Ciledug (entered into the area of Cirebon Regency now).

Location Cirebon

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History of the kingdom

The famous king of this kingdom was King Amuk Marugul (son of Haliwungan / Prabu Susuk Tunggal, 34th Sunda King). Supernatural power escorted himself to be finalis in a contest over Nyi Mas Subang Larang. But his supernatural powers could not beat King Jayadewata Pamanah Rasa (Prabu Siliwangi) so that King Jayadewata was the one who managed to marry Nyi Mas Subang Larang.

The end of the kingdom of Japura was when a fierce battle with the kingdom of Singapore to fight over the port of Japura which at that time was busy as the port of Sunda Kelapa. In the battle, the kingdom of Japura lost and had to give up the kingdom for taken over by the Kingdom of Singapore. Thus ended the history of the Kingdom of Japura.
Thus the history and development of the formation of history and the story of the article above. This paper is taken from the descendants, magnates sources of community leaders who have been interviewed, the books of history, books, and related articles.

Site of the kingdom

Based on a place not so far from the site Astana Japura, some residents concluded, that the temple is a relic of the Kingdom of Japura. As recorded in history that prior to the establishment of the Sultanate of Pakungwati Cirebon, in the region of Cirebon there were several kingdoms such as, Indraprahasta, Wanagiri, Mertasinga / Singapore, Carbon Girang and Japura.

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Japura:
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