Kingdom of Gasib (Siak I) / Sumatera, Prov. Riau

The kingdom of Gasib: 17th century. Was located on Sumatera,  District of Kab. Siak, Province of Riau.

District of Siak

Provinsi Riau

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History of the kingdom

The Kingdom of Siak II was established in 1723 by Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Rachmad. Before the region of Siak was under the power of the kingdom of Johor as a successor of the empire Melaka.

The kingdom of Gasib was located at Sungai Gasib di Hulu Sungai Siak. This kingdom was split from the kingdom of Srivijaya, which was centered  at Muara Takus. The last king of the Kingdom Gasib, who already was moslem, was Sultan Hasan, whose becoming king, was delayed by the Sultan of Johor. Siak I ended in 1622 AD.
For 100 years this country had no king, and to oversee the country there was appointed Syahbandar, from Sabak Auf, to guard the forest products, and sea products in the region of the Kingdom of Johor.

Kingdoms in Riau 19th century (incl. Siak)

Source (only indon. language)

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Sejarah kerajaan Gasib:
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Crown of Kaca Mayang

Tomb of Princess Kaca Mayang Glass is in the Village Gasib Koto Gasib District, Siak District. Princess Kaca Mayang was a beautiful Princess and was the daughter of the king of Gasib.