Kingdom of Gasib (Siak I) / Sumatera, Prov. Riau

The kingdom of Gasib: 17th century. Was located on Sumatera,  District of Siak, Province of Riau. 14th Century.

District of Siak

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History of the kingdom of Gasib, 14th century

The Gasib Kingdom was the Siak I Kingdom, which was located near the Gasib River in Upper Siak. The Gasib Kingdom was a part of the Sriwijaya Kingdom, which was centered in Muara Takus. The last king of the Gasib Kingdom had embraced Islam, Sultan Hasan who was ordained as King by the Sultan of Johor. The kingdom of Gasib (Siak I) ended in 1622 AD
For 100 years this country did not have a king, so a Syahbandar was appointed based in Sabak Auh in Kuala Sungai Siak to oversee this country.


The kingdom of Gasib existed in the 14th and 15th centuries after the collapse of the Srivijaya kingdom at the end of the 13th century. The kingdom of Gasib had in its reign had two periods, namely the reign of a Hindu / Buddhist king and the reign of a Muslim king.

The kingdom of Maja Pahit was expanding its territory to the coast of the Malacca Strait to conquer Malay kings in the Sriwijaya region including the Gasib Kingdom with the king named “Bedagai. The king of Gasib sent Commander Jimban to help Majapahit troops. The struggle of Commander Jimbam with his men and Majapahit troops in expanding the territory of the Malacca Strait lasted a very long time. Until the end of his life, commander Jimbam was not known where he was, whether alive or dead.

At that time the Gasib kingdom was under pressure, because the Kingdom of Malacca wanted to rule the Gasib Kingdom. The Gasib Kingdom intended to ask for help from Majapahit but Majapahit was no longer reliable because of the rapid development of the kingdom in the archipelago and the Malacca Strait which had embraced Islam.

Finally, the Kingdom of Gasib was conquered by the kingdom of Malacca. The king of Gasib at that time, Permaisura, was taken prisoner. The son of the King of Gasib, named Megat Kudu, was Islamized and changed his name to the name of Ibrahim, then he was appointed King of Gasib under the auspices of the kingdom of Malacca.

Grave of Princess Kaca Mayang

The grave of Kaca Mayang is located in Koto Gasib, Siak Regency. This grave is of a daughter of King Gasib named Kaca Mayang. This princess was kidnapped by the King of Aceh; a messenger from the King of Gasib named Panglima Jimbam was able to save Princess Kaca Mayang. But on the way home to Gasib Putri died, the Princess was put in a glass case. It is said that this princess was so beautiful that many want to marry her.

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