Sultanate of Loloda / Island of Halmahera – Prov. Maluku Utara

The Sultanate of Loloda is located on the island of Halmahera.

Location of the island of Halmahera

Location of Loloda

Sultanate of Loloda

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About the sultan
19 march 2016

The coronation of the new Loloda Sultan: Sultan Suaib Samsudin Sjah. The Coronation of Sultan Suaib Samsuddin Sjah: The sultanate of Loloda after holding a procession during 9 days and 9 nights for looking for the sultan has finally reached a final point. The process of installing the sultan through supernatural powers finally established and Suaib Samsudin Sjah was crowned as Sultan of Loloda

History of the sultanate of Loloda

The Loloda Sultanate is located in North Halmahera, and is believed to be one of the oldest kingdoms in Maluku.
There are 5 sultanates in Maluku:
Sultanate of Loloda.
The kingdoms of Maluku were established in the 13th century.
When the Europeans (Portuguese) arrived  early 16th century, the Sultanate of Loloda had no role and no effect anymore, because it was annexated by the Sultanate of Ternate.
In the 18th century, the Loloda Sultanate was equal with a district.
In the “Letter Gezaghebber of Ternate” dated September 8, 1808, it is mentioned, that the Loloda Ruler retains the name Kolano Loloda and has a complete Bobato Madopolo consisting of Jogugu, Kapita Laut, Hakim to Sowohi and other Offices.
Kolano Syamsuddin was later not allowed to return to Loloda. He was taken to Java and only allowed to return to Ternate in 1915. Kolano Syamsuddin died in 1915. After Kolano Syamsuddin diansingkan, automatically the power of the Kingdom of Loloda was ended and the Kingdom of Loloda is under the power of the Kingdom of Ternate.

Kolano (king) of Loloda, 2019.

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