Kingdom of OndaE / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Poso

The kingdom of OndaE was located on Sulawesi, District Poso, prov. Sulawesi Tengah. It was a kingdom under the kingdom of Poso.

District Poso

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About the kingdom of OndaE

There is no information about this kingdom in the english language.
Below there foto’s of the kingdom of Ondae.

Kings of OndaE

Kingdoms of Napu and OndaE

Napu was part of the Sigi Kingdom. While Karadja Ondae was the proctectorate of Luwu Kingdom. If the Gospel did not enter the Poso region, civil war between the Kingdoms of Luwu and Sigi would be be even greater.

The talks of the Napu-Onda’e peace negotiations in 1890 at Batunoncu. Onda’e were led by Papa I Mengkojoejoe as Karaja Onda’e. Onda’e fined to surrender 7 slaves, 1 person had been handed over and 6 more follow. But Karaja Onda’e did not want to fulfill it and it was better to raise a sword to fight. That is why Napo attacked Onda’e – Morengku.
Papa i Melempo was the executor of the Napu – Ondae peacetalks in 1894.
Source (only indon. language)Papa I Melempo, alias Tadjongga, was the King of Poso.

King Papa I Melempo

Kingdoms in the region of Poso, 1909


Kingdom of Ondae. Probably Makole/Radja Papa I Mengkojoejoe…1925


Warrior of OndaE


King of Lage, King of Pebato and king of Ondae


King of OndaE: Karadja Onda’e

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