Kingdom of Bowontehu / Prov. Sulawesi Utara – region of Manado

The kingdom of Bowontehu: 13th century – 1500; located in the region of the city of Manado.
The title of the king is Kolano.
In Manado-region there were 2 old kingdoms: Bowontehu kingdom is estimated to have existed since the 13th century. While the Manado kingdom existed 1500-1678.

City of Manado

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History of the kingdom of Bowontehu, 13th century

Before and during the colonial powers of the Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch there were in the region of the city of Manado ever 2 kingdoms, named the kingdom of Bowontehu and the kingdom of Manado.
Data and facts show, that these kingdoms ever existed. Bowontehu kingdom is estimated to have existed since the 13th century. While the Manado kingdom emerged in 1500-1678.
The age of the kingdom of Bowontehu is almost the same as some other kingdoms in the archipelago, like Kediri, Singosari and Majapahit. Bowontehu kingdom had a vast territory, ranging from Manado Tua, Sangihe, Minahasa coast, Buol ToliToli, Central Sulawesi until the Northern Philippines to the South and the West.
The royal leader of Bowontehu was called Kolano; a title which is equivalent to king. Kolano was also a designation or title for leaders in MoroPhilippines and several other areas in Indonesia.
Between the years 1399 – 1500, some residents of the kingdom Bowontehu migrated to a number of areas.
In a further development, Bowontehu kingdom disappeared, then came the kingdom of Manado.

Map of Minahasa / Manado 

Kings of Bowontehu

1) King Humansandulage, 1200 – 1260
The first king of Bowontehu Kingdom was King Humansandulage. Centered in Bowontehu in the vicinity of the Manado Tua Bowontehu Mountains.
King Humansandulage was married with Tendeng Sehiwu, they got children:
1. Prince Bohulangi
2. Putri Menong Sangiang.

2) King Boulangi, 1260-1315
King Boulangi became King II in the Kingdom of Bowontehu to replace the throne of his father, King Humansandulage.

Bowontehu Kingdom Territory, included:
Molibagu, Lembeh Island, Bitung and its surroundings, Pulisang and its surroundings, Mount Lokon and its surroundings, Old Manarow / Manado Tua, Siladen Island, Bunaken Island, Mentehage Island, Nain Island, Talise Island, Gangga Island, Bangka Island, Lembeh Island, Coastal Areas Sulawesi island.

King Boulangi and his wife (Putri Ting) gave birth to:
Prince Mokodolud
Prince Toumatiti

3) King Mokodoludu, 1315 – 1370

King Mokodoludu and his wife got children:
1. Prince Batahasulu,
2. Prince Jayubanggai,
3. Princess Uring Sangiang

The territory of the Kingdom of Manarotua included:
Manadotua Island, Siladeng Island, Bunaken Island, Mentehage Island, Nain Island, Talise Island, Gangga Island, Bangka Island, Lembe Island, Sulawesi coastal areas and Bentenang, Pulisang, and Lokon around them.

One day the King of Mokodoludu ordered his people to build a kora-kora boat (Bininta Boat). After finishing the construction, his ability to float, row and sail from the boat was tested. The Bininta kora-kora boat contained the sons and daughters of the King and the royal grandchildren, namely: Batahasulu, Jayubanggai, Uring Sangiang, Sinangiang, Pahawong Suluge, Lokongbanua, Manganguwi, Biki-biki, Banea, Tungkela. King Mokodoludu ordered them: so that while on the voyage they were not allowed to say a word, in the middle of their voyage suddenly a storm raged and they were stranded on Taghulandang Island and then in Siau. The storm subsided, they sailed back to the Bowontehu Kingdom, after which some of them settled on both the islands of Taghulandang and Siau.

4) King Batahasulu, 1370 – 1420

King Batahasulu is the son of King Mokodoludu with his mother Bounia.

5) King Gandalangi, 1420 – 1465

King Gandalangi is the son of Raja Batahasulu.

6) King Pahawong Suluge, 1465 – 1510

King Pahawong Suluge is the son of King Batahasulu.
King Pahawong Suluge and Empress Embung Duata were the sons of Prince Lokon Banua and Prince Balango.

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