Kingdom of Bowontehu / Prov. Sulawesi Utara, Wilayah Manado

The kingdom of Bowontehu: 13th century – 1500; located in the region Manado.
The title of the king is Kolano.

Location of Manado

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History of the kingdom

Before and during the colonial powers of the Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch there were in the region of the city of Manado ever 2 kingdoms, named the kingdom of Bowontehu and the kingdom of Manado.
Data and facts show, that these kingdoms ever existed. Bowontehu kingdom is estimated to have existed since the thirteenth century. While the new Manado kingdom emerged in 1500-1678.
The age of the kingdom of Bowontehu is almost the same as some other kingdoms in the archipelago, like Kediri, Singosari and Majapahit. Bowontehu kingdom had a vast territory, ranging from Manado Tua, Sangihe, Minahasa coast, Buol ToliToli, Central Sulawesi until the Northern Philippines to the South and the West.
The royal leader of Bowontehu was called Kolano; a title which is equivalent to king. Kolano was also a designation or title for leaders in MoroPhilippines and several other areas in Indonesia.
Between the years 1399 – 1500, some residents of the kingdom Bowontehu migrated to a number of areas.
In a further development, Bowontehu kingdom disappeared, then came the kingdom of Manado.

Map of Minahasa / Manado 

Kings of Bowontehu

1) ca. 800 M: Datu Humansandulage (Kotaraja Molibagu)
2) Datu Budulangi (Kotaraja Molibagu)
3) Datu Makodoludugh (Kotaraja Molibagu, Posolo / Lembe, Pulisang, G. Lokon, Manado Tua)
4) Datu Bataha Sulu (Kotaraja Manado Tua)
5) Datu Gandalangi (Kotaraja Manado Tua)
6) Datu Pahawonsuluge (Kotaraja Manado Tua)

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