Kingdom of Kunto Darussalam / Sumatera, Prov. Riau

The Kingdom of Kunto Darussalem was located in District Rokan Hulu, province of Riau.
The first king was Tengku Panglima Besar Kahar (1878-1884). The kingdoms found in Rokan Hulu and Hilir emerged around the 16th century, while in the Kunto Darussalam genealogy the first king, who ruled was in approximately 1878-1884.

District Rokan Hulu

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History of the kingdom of Kunto Darussalam, 16th century

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The kingdom of Kunto Darussalem is a kingdom in the Rokan area.

The kingdoms of Rokan Hulu and Hilir emerged around the 16th century, whereas in the first Kunto Darussalam lineage the ruling king was in the year 1878-1884. And the kingdom of Kunto Darussalam was one of the kingdoms found in Rokan Hulu. The kingdoms of Rokan Hulu exists since the 19th century, like the Kunto Darussalam kingdom as well. But this kingdom existed since the 16th century, this means after the fall of the Rokan kingdom in Pekaitan around 1513. Each kingdom in Rokan Hulu and Rokan Hilir had a self-government that was autonomous but the king and his people were still bound in a kinship. The kings in Rokan Hulu had the title of Yang Dipertuan.

List of kings

* 1878-1885: Raja I, Tengku Panglima Besar Kahar Yang Dipertuan Besar
* 1885-. … ..: Raja II, Tengku Syarif Yang Dipertuan Besar
* 1895-1905: Raja III, Tengku Ali Kasim Yang Dipertuan Besar
* 1905-1910: Raja IV, Tengku Ali Tandun Yang Dipertuan Besar
* 1910-1921: Raja V, Tengku Ischak Yang Dipertuan Muda
* 1921-1925: Raja VI, Tengku Ali Momad Tengku Panglima Besar
* 1925-1935: Raja VII, T. Kamaruddin Tengku Sultan Machmud
* 1935-1942: Raja VIII, Tengku Maali Tengku Pangeran

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Palace of the kingdom

History of the kingdoms in Rokan area

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Rokan is the name of a river that divides the island of Sumatra in the middle, empties to the North of the Island (the Strait of Malacca). This area is the area of ​​the kingdom of Rokan Tua, known to exist in the 13th century, when it was recorded in the “Kertagama Country” by Prapanca, written in 1364 AD.
Until now the name Rokan also still exists as can be seen in the development of Rokan Tua’s kingdom until now. According to Muchtar Lutfi, Wan Saleh in the history of Riau, who became the King of Rokan in the 14-15th century were descendents from Sultan Sidi, brother of Sultan Sujak, described in the book Sulalatus Salatin, which states that the king of Rokan is the son of Sultan Sidi brother of Sultan Sujak.
The Rokan Kingdom is based in Koto Intan, a place near Kotolamo and moved to Pekaitan and eventually moved to Rantau Kasai (in Siarang-arang). After that there is no mention of the name Rokan Kingdom again.
Rokan region was divided in Rokan Hilir and Rokan Kanan.

(Nb: kerajaan = kingdom)

Rokan Hilir was split up into 3 kingdoms:
* Kerajaan Kubu, in Teluk Merbau,
* Kerajaan Bangko in Bantaian,
* Kerajaan Tanah Putih, in Tanah Putih.

Rokan Hulu was split up into 5 kingdoms:
* Kerajaan Tambusai in Dalu-dalu,
* Kerajaan Rambah in Pasirpengarayan,
* Kerajaan Kepenuhan in Kototongah,
* Kerajaan Rokan IV Koto, in Rokan,
* Kerajaan Kuntodarussalam in Kotolamo.

During the colonial period Rokan Hulu was changed into 2: Rokan Kanan and Rokan Kiri.
In Rokan Kanan there were 3 kingdoms:
* Kerajaan Tambusai,
* Kerajaan Rambah,
* Kerajaan Kepenuhan.

In Rokan Kiri there were 2 kingdoms:
* Kerajaan Rokan IV Koto,
* Kerajaan Kuntodarussalam.

Kingdoms in North Sumatera, 19th century

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