Kingdom of Biromaru / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – kab. Sigi

Kingdom of Biromaru is located on Sulawesi, District of Sigi, prov. Sulawesi Tengah.
This kingdom was united with Dolo from 1908 and became Dolo Birumaru, later separated and joined Sigi from 1915 until 1929 became Sigi Birumaru.

District of Sigi

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History of the kingdom of Biromaru

Before being conquered by the Dutch government in 1904, the district of Donggala was the territory of the kings who were independent, including:

Kerajaan Sigi,
Kerajaan Dolo,
– Kerajaan Dolo Biromaru,
Kerajaan Sigi Dolo,
– kerajaan Biromaru,
– Kerajaan Sigi Biromaru.

The kingdom of Dolo joined Rindau and Kaleke from 1650 to 1890.
Joined Birumaru from 1908 to 1915 to become Dolo Birumaru, until Birumaru separated.

* 1908-1915: the kingdom of Dolo Biromaru
* 1918: King Dolo was deposed and Dolo joined Sigi. Datu Pamusu is the king of Dolo. Raja Datu Pamusu from the Dolo kingdom was passed down from 17-5-1918. Then Dolo joined Sigi. Magau Lamakarate’s mother is Yolekodi, married to Magau Jayalangkara from Tawaeli.
* 1915-1929: the kingdom of Sigi Biromaru.

Datu Pamusu was the king of Dolo.
But this king was dismissed 17-5-1918. Then Dolo joined with Sigi. The mother of Magau Lamakarate was Yolekodi, married Magau Jayalangkara from Tawaeli.

Datu Pamusu

Map of the location of the kingdom of Biromaru (1906)

The Map Paloe in 1906 is still minimal description of village villages around in the year 1916, it seemed more crowded in describing the village village around Paloe.
Map made by Alb. C. Kruyt.

History of the kingdoms in Donggala region

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Source (only indon. language)

– Kab. Donggala di Wiki: link
Sejarah Donggala:
– Sejarah kabupaten Sigi Biromaru:


Before the Dutch mastered the Biromaru Region in general and Sigi in particular around the 1800s, he was appointed as Madolo Malolo with his brother and brother PALARANTE who was appointed sbagai Madika Matua by the entire Council of Adat and Todea in Biromaru Region in General and Raranggonau and Tompu in particular, for both areas he used to be called Toma Sambite / Tupu Dae Rida


The Pabitjara of Biromaru.


A Shaman is performing Ritual and Soldiers are Drawing Tjakalele from Bora, Biromaru.


Priests perform a ritual in the Bora te Biromaru kampong.


Indigenous people performing the Tjakalélé dance with spears and shields in Bora te Biromaru kampong.

Map of Palu, Sigi dan Dolo, 1917


Location of Biromaru

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