Kingdom of Pucangsula / Jawa – Kab. Rembang

The kingdom of Pucangsula was located on Jawa, District of Rembang, prov. of Central Jawa.
This kingdom was founded in the 6th century.

Provinsi Central Jawa

District of Rembang

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History of the kingdom

The kingdom of Pucangsula was an ancient kingdom located in Nusa Kendeng Argapura (an ancient island separated from Nusa Yawapegwan), around the western edge of the Lasem Argapura Mountains.
Mount Lasem, with its Argopuronya peak, is a small mountain located east of Lasem town of Rembang district, prov. Central Java.
This kingdom was founded in the 6th century.

The kingdom of Pucangsula was split into 3 territory during the reign of Hang Sam Badra (Bhadrawarman):
* Pucangsula, ruled on the east side, with Dewi Sibah as its king.
* Keling (Kalingga), ruling on the middle side and Muria Island, with Ratu Shima as its king.
* Baturretna, ruling on the west side to the border with Sunda, with Rsi Agastya Kumbayani (Haricandana) as its king.

List of kings

1. Dhatu Hang Sam Badra is famous as Kanung priest. He had 2 daughters, namely Dewi Sibah (Sie Ba Ha) and Dewi Simah (Queen Shima, king of Kalingga kingdom).
Hang Sam Badra established the Pucangsula harbor on the western slopes of the Lasem Argapura Mountains, in the 6th century.
2. Dattsu Sie Ba Ha (queen) was notoriously cruel and violent to pirates in the Pucangsula Ocean, especially the handsome male pirates. She eventually became the wife of Rsi Agastya Kumbayani (Haricandana) and had a son named Arya Asvendra.
3. Arya Asvendra, he was
the son of Rsi Agastya Kumbayani and Dewi Sibah. During his reign he built pasraman / sanctuary in Bukit Gebang (Butun)
Arya Asvendra’s son was Arya Untaka saved by Arya Asvendra’s patih, later he became king of Hangjuruhan (Kanjuruhan) near Kali Brantas to Singosari. At the time of the kingdom of Kanjuruhan, King Gajayana made a beautiful shrine of worship to glorify Rsi Agastya. The king also made the statue of the Rsi Agastya of very beautiful black stone, as a substitute for the statue of Rsi Agastya made of sandalwood by the grandmother of King Gajayana.

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