Kingdom of Moutong / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Parigi Moutong

The kingdom of Moutong was a kingdom on Sulawesi, District of Parigi Moutong, prov. of Central Sulawesi.

District of Parigi Moutong

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About the king

Dynasty-chief (foto 2017): YM. Madika H. Samsurizal Tombolututu.

History of the kingdom

Before conquered by the Dutch Government in 1904 the territory of Donggala Regency was the territory of the Government of independent kings:

NB: kerajaan = kingdom

1. Kerajaan Palu
2. Kerajaan Sigi Dolo
3. Kerajaan Kulawi
4. Kerajaan Biromaru
5. Kerajaan Banawa
6. Kerajaan Tawaili
7. Kerajaan Moutong
8. Kerajaan Parigi

Moutong kingdom was a large kingdom in the region of Central Sulawesi, precisely in the District Moutong.
Moutong kingdom was founded on the seed of the kingdom of Kasimbar, named King Pataikacci (Arajang Logas) ordered his son named Magallatu to stay in Moutong in 1771.
In 1778 the kingdom of Moutong was formed, and led by Pataikaci; soon the kingdom was led by  king Magallatu the 2nd king of Moutong.
King Massu was appointed as the 3rd king of the kingdom Moutong in 1822-1877.
In 1877-1904 King Tombolotutu was appointed as the 4th king, around 1898.

Palace of the kingdom

King Tombolotutu’s residence. He was king of Moutong from 1877-1904.


King of Parigi andking of Moutong (Regent Parigi Moutong) host Sri Sultan Hamengkubowono of Yogyakarta in Parigi, Central Sulawesi. 2016


Magau Parigi (Tagunu) stands to the right of the king of Moutong Kuti Buttonotutu, during a traditional procession. – Source: Mohamad Antho Heriantho, Facebook


King Tinombo Kuti Tombolotutu with wife, Tinombo.


King Borman, king of Moutong1908-1929

King of Moutong, Tombolotutu

Raja Moutong, Tombolotutu


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