Desa of Damau / Isl. of Kabaruan – Prov. Sulawesi Utara

The Desa of Damau is located  on the island of Kabaruan, kab. Kep. Talaud, prov. Sulawesi Utara.
The island of Kabaruan is located south of the island of Karakelong, district of Talaud.


The island of Kabaruan is located south of the island of Talaud.

* Foto archipelago Talaud: link 

* Video history Kepulauan Sangihe, Talaud, and Sitaro, 1295-2018: link
* Video history Sulawesi Utara + Gorontalo: link


History of the desa of Damau

Google translation

The village of Damau was formed long before the year 1200 AD. Under the leadership of king Magutta son of Damau.
Damau village is a village that became the seat of a king: Maradia Ponto. Maradia Ponto was the first king in the region of Porodisa, now called the Talaud Islands.
Magutta II was married with Riwuwasing, their child was Maradia Ponto. Maradia Ponto married Wasilawewe, daughter of King Siau and they got 2 children named: Lokonbanua II and Unsong Bahewa. Lokon Banua II married  Mangimandampel. Their child was Lorosego. Unsong Bahewa married SG.GEPE got a child, king Sumallea. The name of this king changed during the reign of the Dutch dating back to 1602 in the time of VOC. The name of this king was changed to Ratu by Queen Welhelmina.

The Cave Randangar in desa Damau

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah desa Damau:
– Tentang desa Damau:

The cave Randangar in desa Damau

Old maps of the islands of Sangihe, Talaud dan Tagulandang

Islands Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang, 1700.


Islands Sangir (Sangir) and Talaud, 1724


Islands Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang, 1894

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