Kingdom of Sumedang Larang / Jawa Barat – Kab. Sumedang

The kingdom of Sumedang: 1527-1620. Located on west Jawa. Since  1620 the status is Kabupaten.

Kabupaten Sumedang

Provinsi Jawa Barat

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About the king

There is no info about a royal family or the king. There are only some foto’s, mentioning the king / prince of Sumedang Larang.


Sumedang was a kingdom under the rule of King Galuh. Founded by Prabu Geusan Ulun Aji Putih on the orders of King Suryadewata, before the Galuh Palace moved to Pakuan Pajajaran, Bogor.
Along with the changing times and leadership, Sumedang name undergo some changes. The first, namely the Great Tembong Kingdom (Tembong means visible and supreme means sublime) was led by King Prabu Aji Putih in the 12th century. Then during the time of King Tajimalela, was changed to Himbar Buana which means to illuminate nature, and then changed again into the Kingdom of Sumedang Disallow.
Sumedang Larang experienced a heyday when led by Prince Angkawijaya or Prabu Geusan Ulun circa 1578,
This kingdom then became the vazal of the Sultanate of Cirebon, and subsequently under the control of the Sultanate of Mataram, during the time of Sultan Agung.
At the time of Rangga Gempol (1601-1625, Prince Kusumahdinata III, (Prince Rangga Gempol I) held the leadership, in 1620 Sumedang banned the territory of Mataram Kingdom under Sultan Agung, and his status as ‘kingdom’ was changed to ‘Kabupatian Wedana’.
When Pakubuwono I had to give concessions to the VOC, the territory of Sumedang was given to the VOC, which was then broken up, so that the Sumedang region became as it is today.

List of kings

I. As kingdom

1) 678-721: Prabu Guru Aji Putih (Raja Tembong Agung),
2) 721-778: Batara Tuntang Buana / Prabu Tajimalela,
3 778-893: Jayabrata / Prabu Lembu Agung,
4) 893-998: Atmabrata / Prabu Gajah Agung,
5) 998-1114: Jagabaya / Prabu Pagulingan,
6) 1114-1237: Mertalaya / Sunan Guling,
7) 1237-1462: Tirtakusuma / Sunan Tuakan,
8) 1462-1530: Sintawati / Nyi Mas Ratu Patuakan,
9) 1530-1578: Satyasih / Ratu Inten Dewata Pucuk Umun,
(kemudian digantikan oleh suaminya Pangeran Kusumadinata I / Pangeran Santri)
10) 1578-1601: Pangeran Kusumahdinata II / Prabu Geusan Ulun,

II. As Bupati Pengaruh Mataram

11) 1601-1625: Pangeran Kusumahdinata III, (Pangeran Rangga Gempol I)
12) 1625-1633: Pangeran Kusumahdinata IV (Pangeran Rangga Gede)
13) 1633-1656: Raden Bagus Weruh (Pangeran Rangga Gempol – II),
14) 1656-1706: Pangeran Kusumahdinata V (Rangga Gempol – III),

III. During VOC time.

15) 1706-1709: Dalem Adipati Tanumadja,
16) 1709-1744 Raden Tumenggung Kusumadinata VII (Rangga Gempol – IV),
17) 1744-1759: Dalem Istri Rajaningrat,
18) 1759-1761: Dalem Adipati Kusumadinata VIII / Dalem Anom,
19) 1761-1765: Dalem Adipati Surianagara II,
20) 1765-1773: Dalem Adipati Surialaga,

IV. As Bupati Penyelang / Sementara

21) 1773-1775: Dalem Adipati Tanubaya,
22) 1775-1789: Dalem Adipati Patrakusumah,
23) 1789-1791: Dalem Aria Sacapati III,

V. During dutch government

Merupakan Bupati Keturunan Langsung leluhur Sumedang.
24) 1791-1828: Pangeran Kusumadinata IX / Pangeran Kornel,
25) 1828-1833: Dalem Adipati Kusumayuda / Dalem Ageung,
26) 1833-1834: Dalem Adipati Kusumadinata X / Dalem Alit,
27) 1834-1836: Tumenggung Suriadilaga / Dalem Sindangraja,
28) 1836-1882: Pangeran Suria Kusumah Adinata / Pangeran Sugih,
29) 1882-1919: Pangeran Aria Suriaatmadja / Pangeran Mekkah,
30) 1919-1937: Dalem Adipati Aria Kusumadilaga / Dalem Bintang,
31) 1937-1946: Tumenggung Aria Suria Kusumahdinata / Dalem Aria,

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About the Keraton / palace

Formerly these buildings were the houses of the Bupati’s of Sumedang Larang.

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