Kingdom of Toposo / Sulawesi, provinsi Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Donggala.

The Kingdom of Toposo is located on Sulawesi, provinsi Sulawesi Tengah, District Donggala. This kingdom already existed in the 17th century.

District Donggala

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History of the kingdom

Google translation

In ancient times, before the influence of colonial Dutch colonial time, there was founded a settlement and a government at the top of high mountains far from the coast, by the people named “Toposo Bulu Molanto”, with a leader named “Dindi Ala” who was believed by the community as the incarnation of the gods of heaven given the title “Tomanuru” ordinary also called “Tobaraka / Tokarama”.

“Tobaraka / Tokarama”. The area is located in the area of ​​Labuan Toposo village, Labuan sub-district.
Along with the development of the era and in line with the population growth, it also affected the pattern of life and patterns of the Toposo Bulu Molanto people were included in the family “Tomanuru”, so that the title “Tomanuru” turned into magau; the magau function was closely related to Kagaua / Keadatan, so there became a division of power / division of the region into 7 (seven) areas of Kagaua / Kesadatan: known as Kagaua Pitu Lore member or 7 (seven) upstream kingdom among others as follows:

* Kagaua Toposo Bulu Molanto with Magau called Dindi Ala
Kagaua Bulu Rue with Magau called Datu Ala
Kagaua Tobata with Magau called Pusa Lemba
Magau Sindue Tamananga with Magau Named Dindi Mokila
Kagaua Sindia (Sindue Kadia) with Magau called Dae Ndilangi
Kagaua Karama with Magau called Dindi (Rindi) Baruga
Kagaua Kungguma with Magau called Datu Ndilangi.

Structure of the Kagaua of the kingdom 0f Toposo

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Sejarah desa Toposo:
Sejarah desa Toposo:

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