.Kingdom of Parigi / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah, Kab. Parigi Moutong

The kingdom of Parigi is a kingdom in the district Parigi Moutong, province of Central Sulawesi.
The title of the king is Magau.

Kab. Parigi Moutong

Province of Central Sulawesi

About the king

Title of the king: Magau.

Present Raja: Raja ke-20 Parigi: YM H Magau Andi Tjiembu Tagunu.
Crown prince: Madika Mahkota Andi Muhammad Oza Tagunu.

History of the kingdom of Parigi

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Before it was conquered by the Dutch government in 1904, there were several kingdoms in the region of Donggala, namely:
1. Kingdom of Palu
2. Kingdom of Sigi Dolo
3. Kingdom of Kulawi
4. Kingdom of Biromaru
5. Kingdom of Banawa
6. Kingdom of Tawaili
7. Kingdom of Moutong
8. Kingdom of Parigi.

The Kingdom of Parigi, is an Islamic kingdom in Indonesia located in Parigi, Central Sulawesi. The kingdom was established in 1515, and the first king to rule was Makagero, who was inaugurated by Francisco Lesa, a governor of the Portuguese ruling in parts of Central Sulawesi at that time.
Parigi area before being controlled by the Dutch, was first visited by explorers from Portugal and Spain. The construction of the Portuguese fort at Parigi began in 1555. At first, they came to trade but over time they finally left Central Sulawesi, because the trade was no longer profitable. Spain entered into trade relations with the Kingdom of Parigi in the early 17th century until the year 1663 after the arrival of the VOC
Since 1897 the king Parigi I Djengintonambaru already was bound by a contract with the Netherlands.
At the begin of the 20th century
, the king of Parigi, named Vinono, with his son named Hanusu led his people against the Dutch. Famous was the oath of king Vinono rivana catering Mabula, Pade meta’a mbaeva Balanda(meaning “a white monkey will later in the jungle stop the Netherlands“).
This resistance could be suppressed by the Netherlands and consequently Hanusu was disposed to Tondano (Minahasa). In 1917 he returned and was appointed king Parigi after signingkorteverklaring” on February 5, 1917.

Kingdoms of Tawaili, Parigi, Palu, Banawa, 1916

List of kings

  • Makagero alias Magau Lomba (1515-1533)
  • Boga (1533-1557)
  • Ntavu (1557-1579)
  • Sheikh Maliq Ash Shiddiq alias Langimoili (1579-1602) (first king of Parigi who bevame muslim)
  • Sheikh Yussuf Maliq Maulana Ibrahim alias Tonikota 1602-1627)
  • Sheikh Machmud Maliq Maulana alias Magau Janggo (1627-1661)
  • Ntadu (1661-1690)
  • Palopo alias Kodi Palo (1690-1724)
  • Mansyur alias Bombo Onge (1724-1760)
  • Abduh alias Pangabobo (1760-1792
  • Puselembah alias Tedo (1792-1821)
  • Radjangguni (1821)
  • Sawali atau Radja Ali alias Baka Palo (1821-1855)
  • Radja Lolo alias Paledo (1855-1880)
  • I Djengitonambaru (1880-1898) (satu-satunya Raja perempuan yang memerintah Parigi)
  • Hanusu Vinono(1898-1927)
  • Tagunu Hanusu (1927-1960)

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