Kingdom of Kaidipang / Prov. Sulawesi Utara – Kab. Bolaang Mongondow Utara

The Kingdom of Kaidipang was located in Sulawesi, district North Bolaang Mongondow, prov. of north Sulawesi. Founded in 1630. The kingdoms of Kaidipang and Bolang Itang were united in 1912 under the name Kerajaan Kaidipang Besar.

District North Bolaang Mongondow

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History of the kingdom of Kaidipang

The Kaidipang kingdom was formed in 1630.
In the year 1912 the kingdoms of Bolangitang and Kaidipang were united under the name Kingdom of  Kaidipang Besar.

At the beginning of the 16th century Dutch colonizers came in the region. The coming of the Dutch caused the Portuguese to leave this area. They went eastwards, towards the Philipina’s.
In the 19th century there were in the old Kabupaten of  Bolaang Mongondow five kingdoms.
The largest of the Kingdoms was Bolaang Mongondow. Then there was the kingdom Bolaang Uki, in the 1850s  still called the Kingdom Bolaang (Bangka). Next the kingdom of Bintauna (Binta Oena), the Kingdom Bolaang Itam and the Kingdom Kaidipang.
In 1912 the kingdoms of BolaangItang
and Kaidipang were united. The name of the new kingdom was the Kingdom of Kaidipang Besar.
The Kingdom of Kaidipang Besar (1912 – 1950), was governed by the first and last king, King Ram Suit Pontoh (RS Pontoh).

Map of  Bolaang Uki, Bolaang Itang, Bolaang Mongondow and Kaidipang, 1894 


List of kings of Kaidipang

  • 1630-1677: Raja Mauritz Datoe Binangkal Korompot with queen Tohomiong, daughter of king of Limboto. They had as religion Catholic.
  • 1677-1699: Raja Tiaha Korompot, they were Kristen Katolik.
  • 1699-1703: Raja Dodoali Korompot, they were Kristen Katolik.
  • 1709-1735: Raja Philip Korompot, they were Kristen Katolik.
  • 1710-1735: Raja Piantai Korompot, they were Kristen Katolik.
  • 1735-1745: Raja Antogia Korompot, they were Kristen Katolik.
  • 1745-1770: Raja Gongala Korompot, they were Kristen Katolik. The name of the queen was Bua Kaeba Manopo Mamonto from Dumoga.
  • 1779-1817: Raja Wellem David Korompot, embracing the Islam with the name Waladin Korompot.
  • 1817-1835: Raja Toruru Korompot, embracing the Islam Islam. Had 2 wives, Ladio and Mow.
  • 1835-1863: Raja Tiaha Korompot, had 2 wives: Mamongo and Telehulawa. The second wife had a son named Husain Korompot who became Jogugu in the kingdom of Buol.
  • 1863-1866: Raja Moh. Vandis Korompot; had 2 wifes: Telehaji and Lauko. He was exiled by the dutch to Ambon, Batu Merah. His grave is in kompleks Masjid Al’Hilal, Ambon, Batu Merah. His descendents still use the name Kaidupa.
  • 1866-1898: Raja Gongala Korompot II, with the title Raja Bintang. had 4 wives: Sinir, Salimburung, Miihing and Hembeso.
  • 1898-1908: Raja Lui Korompot. This king built the mosque Masjid Jami in desa Kuala.
  • 1908-1910: Raja Mahmud Manopo Antogia Korompot.

The 14th King was the last king of the kingdom of Kaidipang, who died on the 7th febr. 1910, so the Kaidipang empire experienced a vacuum for about 2 years (1910-1912). The Council of Kings, the traditional leaders and the approval of the Korompot family, was agreed upon as the executor of the task is Jogugu Kaidipang Mbuingo Papeo kingdom.
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