Kingdom of Kotawaringin / Prov. Kalimantan Tengah

Kingdom of Kotawaringin: 1615 – 1948. Located in the district of Kotawaringin, west Kalimantan.
The title of the king of Kotawaringin: Pangeran Ratu.

District of Kotawaringin

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About the revival of the kingdom

16 may 2010
Pangeran Ratu
Alidin Alam Sukma was installed as Sultan XV of the Sultanate of Kotawaringin.
The coronation was held at the Istana (palace) Kuning, Sunday. Alidin was the eldest son of
Sultan XIV Kotawaringin, Pangeran  Ratu Alam Alamsyah.

History Kingdom of Kotawaringin (Kutaringin)

Kingdom of Kotawaringin (Kutaringin) was a Principality, branch of the Sultanate of Banjar, situated in what now is Kotawaringin West in Central Kalimantan. According to palace-records of al-Nursari it was established in 1615 or 1530. The Netherlands made their first contract with Kotawaringin in 1637; this year is considered the first time that Kotawaringin was ruled by a king, according to the Hikayat Banjar and Kotawaringin (Hikayat Banjar version I).
After the Proclamation of Independence of Indonesia, Kotawaringin became a part of the region NKRI, with the status of Autonomous / Kewedanan. Next it became a Kabupaten.

Sultan XIV, the last sultan of Kotawaringin

List of  Pangeran Ratu (Pangeran Adipati)

  • ?-1598:  Tongara Mandi (Adipati  or Dipati Ngganding/Dipati Gendang
  • 1598-1633/1637: Kiai Gede (assistent Adipati)- nephew of Tongara Mandi
  • 1637-1650:  Pangeran Dipati Anta-Kasuma (assistent of Dipati Ngganding) – mangkubumi Kiai Gede
  • 1650-1700:  Pangeran Mas Adipati (child) – mangkubumi Dipati Gading
  • 1700-1720: Panembahan Kota Waringin (child) – mangkubumi Dipati Gading
  • 1720-1750:  Pangeran Prabu/Panembahan Derut (child) – mangkubumi Pangeran Dira
  • 1750-1770:  Pangeran Adipati Muda (child) – mangkubumi Pangeran Cakra
  • 1770-1785:  Pangeran Panghulu (child) – mangkubumi Pangeran Anom
  • 1785-1792:  Pangeran Ratu Bagawan (child) – mangkubumi Pangeran Paku Negara
  • 1792-1817:  Pangeran Ratu Anom Kasuma Yudha (child)
  • 1817-1855:  Pangeran Imanudin/Pangeran Ratu Anom (child)
  • 1855-1865:  Pangeran Akhmad Hermansyah (child)
  • 1865-1904:  Pangeran Ratu Anom Alamsyah I (child)
  • 1905-1913:  Pangeran Ratu Sukma Negara (uncle)
  • 1913-1939:  Pangeran Ratu sukma Alamsyah (grandchild)
  • 1939-1948:  Pangeran Kasuma Anom Alamsyah II (child)
  • Pangeran Muasyidin Syah(dynastychief/son of last Pangeran Ratu of K.;f.i. in 2008)
  • 2010 –      :  Pangeran Ratu Alidin Sukma Alamsyah (child Pangeran Ratu Sukma Alamsyah).

Palaces of the kingdom

1) Lawang Agung Bukit Indra (Istana Kuning), in Pangkalan Bun.

2) Palace Al Nursari

Astana was founded in 1867 AD by Sultan Pakueran Paku Sukma Negara (Sultan Ke XII). The function of Astana Al-Nursari was not as the central palace of government and the residence of the king, but as the residence of the noble descendants of the Sultan Kotawaringin, who still settled in Kotawaringin Lama after the transfer of the royal center to Pangkalan Bun.

Source (english)

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Source (indon. language)

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