Kingdom of Sentawar / Prov. Kalimantan Timur

The kingdom of Sentawar is located on Kalimantan, district of Kutai Barat, provinsi Kalimantan Timur. Existed around the 13th century.
This kingdom is a kingdom of the Dayak People.

District of Kutai Barat

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History of the kingdom

The Dayak People once had a great kingdom called the Kingdom of Sentawar. This kingdom was centered in the area around Melak subdistrict which is now named Sendawar.
Sentawar site is a historical heritage for the Kingdom of Sentawar; mythologically it is the embryo of the birth of Dayak tribes in the district of West Kutai. According to legend, the Kingdom of Sentawar was ruled by a King named Tulur Aji Jangkat along with the consort of Mok Manor Bulatn. They had 5 children, who were the descendents of the Dayak tribes, namely:

  • Sualas Gunaaqn (ancestor of the Tunjung People),
  • Jelivan Benaaq (ancestor of the Bahau People),
  • Nara Gunaa (ancestor of the Benuaq People),
  • Tantan Cunaaq (ancestor of the Kenyah People)
  • Puncan Karnaaq (ancestor of the Kutai People).

The First King was Tulur Aji Jangkat, later replaced by his first son Sualas Gunaaq. Sualas Gunaaq, who was the forerunner to the birth of the Dayak Tunjung tribe, became the 2nd king of the Kingdom of Sentawar.
The two son of kings, Puncan Karna and Jelivan Benaaq, wandered and boarded the boat through the Mahakam River. Puncan Karna headed downstream of Mahakam river and reached the area now Tenggarong; then married to the siblings of Sultan in Tangga Arung (now Tenggarong). While Jelivan Benaaq moved upstream Mahakam river and reached the area called Tering and controlled the area. Then they gave birth to grandchildren in their respective areas.

Source (only indon. language)

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