Kingdom of Tambora / Isl. of Sumbawa – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Barat

The kingdom of Tambora, located on the island of Sumbawa, near the Mount Tambora. 1815 destroyed because of the eruption of the Tambora Vulcano.

Location of Tambora


Location of Sumbawa

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About the kingdom

Tambora was one of the 3 kingdoms near Tambora Vulcano. The 2 others were Sanggar and Pekat, which were destroyed after the eruption of the Tambora Vulcano in 1815.
Originally the Kingdom of Tambora was named Kengkelu; on 3 July 1626 the Sultan of Gowa Alauddin  conquered the Kengkelu territory.
Kingdom of Tambora had family ties with the kingdom of Gowa, because Gowa had a very significant influence in the culture and system of government that is in use by the kingdom of Tambora.
The kingdom was destroyed because of the eruption of Mount  Tambora.

Location kingdoms of Pekat, Sanggar and Tambora

List of kings

1675 Tambora kingdom founded.

* 1794 – 1800: Abdul Rasyid Tajul Arifin
* 1800 – 1801: Muhammad Tajul Masahur
* 1801 – 10 Apr 1815: Abdul Jafar Daeng Mataram (d. 1815)

10 Apr 1815 Eruption of Tambora totally destroyed the kingdom.

Kingdoms on Sumbawa


Excavation, the rest of the eruption of 1815, maybe a royal house / palace of the kingdom of Tambora, king Abdul Gafurh.

Eruption Tambora 1815

Eruption Tambora 1815

Eruption Tambora 1815

Source (english)

– Eruption of the Tambora: Wiki
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Source Tambora (only indon. language)

Kerajaan Tambora:
– Sejarah kerajaan Tambora:
Sejarah kerajaan Tambora:
Daftar Raja Tambora: link

Source explosion mount Tambora (only indon. language)

– Sejarah letusan Tambora dan hilangnya 3 kerajaan: link
Sejarah letusan Tambora, 3 kerajaan terkubur: link
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Gunung Tambora sebelum dan sesudah letusan 1815:
Peringatan 2 abad meletusnya Gunung Tambora:


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