Principality of Jipang (Djipang) / Prov. Jawa Tengah – Kab. Blora

The  principality (Kadipaten) of Jipang (Djipang) existed in the 16th century. Located on Jawa, kecamatan Cepu, District Blora, prov. Jawa Tengah.

District Blora

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History of the principality

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This village was once the center of DJipang Kingdom in the 16th century, which later became a vazal kingdom under the Kingdom of Demak. One of his famous Kings is Arya Penangsang or Arya Jipang.
In this village there are still some remnants of the Kingdom but they have not been thoroughly researched, such as the old grave (and rescued) Gedong Ageng and Santri Sembilan Walisongo. The territory of DJipang Kingdom included: Pati, Lasem, Blora, and Jipang itself.
When Arya Penangsang became Sultan Demak the 5th or the last Sultan of Demak, the situation of Demak at that time was no longer conducive to the Central Government, so Arya Penangsang ruled the Demak Sultanate from Jipang village. But after Jaka Tingkir (Hadiwijaya) seized Demak’s throne from the hands of Arya Penangsang which made the loss of the Sultanate of Demak with the establishment of the Kingdom of Pajang, then since then Blora entered the territory of Pajang Kingdom. These places are crowded with pilgrims who wish to change their fate, especially on Thursday.

Arya Penangsang

Aryo Penangsang was the son of Prince Sekar Sedalepen, the younger brother of King of Demak: Prince Pati Unus, and was the second son of Raden Patah, the first king and founder of Demak Kingdom.
Pati Unus only briefly became king in Demak, because then he died, when leading troops who tried to expel a troupe of Portuguese who controlled Malacca. Because Pangeran Sekar Sedalepen’s second sister from Pati Unus also died.

The position of the king in Demak was later taken over by Sultan Trenggono, the third son of Raden Patah. The baby from Prince Sekar was later discovered by Sunan Kudus, he was named Aryo Penangsang, because when he was found, he was caught in a plant by the river.
After adulthood, Aryo Penangsang became Duke of Jipang and fought over the power of former Demak Kingdom with King Pajang Sultan Hadiwijaya alias Jaka Tingkir, who moved the center of Demak Kingdom to Pajang. Jaka Tingkir or Mas Karebet or Sultan Hadiwijaya is the son-in-law of Sultan Trenggono.

Grave Gedong Ageng Jipang

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Pasarean Arya Penangsang

Tomb of Gedong Ageng Jipang. Jipang Panolan Kingdom Site led by Adipati Aryo Penangsang on the edge of Bengawan Solo in Jipang Village


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