Kingdom of Lawonda / Isl. of Sumba – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Lawonda was founded c. 1880; the name was changed into Umbu Ratu Nggai.
Located on Sumba, in the district of Middle Sumba.
See: kingdom of Umbu Ratu Nggay

Location island of Sumba

Island of Sumba

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Kingdom of Lawonda

This kingdom was founded by Korte Verklaring on September 28, 1916. At first, the Kingdom of Lawonda covered a small customary area.

In 1915, the Mbolubokat area was separated from the Mamboru kingdom and merged with the Lawonda kingdom.

Likewise, the areas of Lenang, Soru and Lakoka, which were originally in the territory of the Napu kingdom, were combined with the Lawonda kingdom.

Furthermore, the Wairasa and Parewatana areas were also separated from the Anakalang kingdom and merged with the Lawonda kingdom. The territory of this kingdom became very wide and changed its name to the Umbu Ratu Nggay kingdom, following the name of an ancestor who was considered to be able to represent the entire combined territory.

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