Kingdom of Keka / Isl. of Rote – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Keka, capital Sotihu. Located on the Island of Rote. District of Rote Ndao. Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Location of the island of Roti

About the king (2018)

Ratu Antonietta Malek, queen of Rote, since 1966, together ith son Prince Jeremias Malek.

Queen Antonetta Malelak; last queen of  Keka. With statesword of late husband. 2000.

History about the kingdom

There is no information about the history of this kingdom.

Kingdoms on Rote

19 Kingdoms on Rote

Rote Island is an island of Indonesia, part of the East Nusa Tenggara province of the Lesser Sunda Islands. According to legend, this island got its name accidentally when a lost Portuguese sailor arrived and asked a farmer where he was. The surprised farmer, who could not speak Portuguese, introduced himself, “Rote”.
The Rote tribe is one of the original inhabitants of Rote Island, some of whom are also settled on Timor Island. In addition, the Rote tribe also inhabit the islands around the island of Rote, namely Ndao Island, Nuse Island, Pamana Island, Doo Island, Heliana Island, Landu Island, Manuk Island, and other small islands. There are experts who argue, that the Rote people had previously migrated from Seram Island in Maluku.

1. Baa: founded 1691.
2. Bilba.
3. Bokai: founded 1756.
4. Dehla: Split off from Oenale and was founded 1800-an.
5. Dengka: The biggest kingdom on Rote.
6. Diu: at first under the power of Korbafo, founded 1691.
7. Keka: Keka split off from Termanu in 1772.
8. Korbafo
9. Landu: the oldest kingdom on the island Rote.
10. Lelain: After split off from Bokai, it was founded in 1690.
11. Lelenuk: split off from Termanu and founded 1772.
12. Loleh: berada di pulau Rote, barat-daya Timor. Ruled by Termanu tahun 1730.
13. Ndao
14. OEnale
15. OEpao: Founded in 1691.
16. Ringgouw: berada di Kepulauan Rote, barat daya Pulau Timor, didirikan pada 1691.
17. TalaE
18. Termanu
19. Thie: From 1730 until 1756, the Manek (kings) of Thie together with the Maneks of OEpao, Loleh, Baa and Lelain went to Jawa to learn about Christianity-religion.

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The queen of Keka with a servant receiving a 50 years old picture of her late husband and showing an old makeup table her dynasty had received more than 100 years ago from the Holland government

MR. Eliasar Malelak dari Keka. He is the official chief of the Manek dynasty of Keka.

The queen of Keka in 2000 before her residence in renovation. Left a granddaughter. Her residence was made with local culture handicraft doors with flowers, etc on it.

Prince of Keka, Rote. Chairel Malelak, grandchild king of Keka, Manek Thobias Malelak

Meetings of Maneks (kings) of Rotein1930-an. `third from left: Thobias Malelak from Keka (died 1966)

Manek-Radja Thobias Malelak of Keka. 1927-1962, died 1974, Foto 1954