Regency of Limbangan / Prov. Jawa Barat – Kab. Garut

The regency of Limbangan is located on Jawa, provinsi Jawa Barat, District Garut. This regency already existed in the 15th century.

District Garut

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History of the Regency of Limbangan, 15th century

Limbangan was originally part of the Sunda kingdom. At that time the name was Rumenggong (derived from the word rumenggang which in Sundanese means tenuous or distant, because it is between Galuh and Sunda), and the ruler was known as Sunan Rumenggong. After the Sunda kingdom collapsed, this region had become a subordinate territory Sumedang Larang.
On March 24, 1706, the VOC gave Limbangan, which was originally just a district under Sumedang District, the status of an independent district with Rangga Mertasinga as its regent. Until March 22, 1811 Governor General Daendels dismissed Limbangan District for economic reasons. But on February 16, 1813, Governor General Raffles restored Limbangan’s status to the district.

Bupati (regent) Adiwijaya (1813-1831) wanted new district capital. The choice eventually was in a place surrounded by mountains and had springs flowing into Ci Manuk. The place was ± 17 km from the old city center. The name of the district whose capital had been moved, was not be changed, it is still Limbangan Regency. However, on the advice of the elders the name of the district should be replaced with a new name so as not to cause disaster and catastrophe in the future as it often happens Limbangan district. The new name became Garut. Garut anniversary is celebrated every February 16th.

Based on the Governor General Decree No: 60 dated May 7, 1913, the name of the Limbangan Regency was replaced to the Garut Regency and had a capital the Garut city on July 1, 1913. At that time, the Regent was RAA is Wiratanudatar (1871–1915).

Raden Adipati Wira Tanu Datar VII was the last regent of Limbangan district after changing its name to Garut district by the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies on May 7, 1913.

Source (only indon. language)

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