Kingdom of Bantaeng (Bonthain) / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Bantaeng

The Kingdom of Bantaeng (Bonthain),1254-1952, is located in the prov. of South Sulawesi, District of Bantaeng; this kingdom existed from the 13th century. South Sulawesi.
During the reign of the Dutch East Indies, since November 11, 1737, the name Bantayan was changed to Bonthain
The title of the king is Karaeng.

District of Bantaeng

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About the king (2020)

King today (2020): King of Bantaeng the-37: H. M. Nurdin Abdullah, M. Agr. Titled: Karaeng Nurdin. He is a descendant of the 27th King of Bantaeng.

History of the kingdom

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Bantaeng kingdom originated from Onto. The head of the clan in Onto with the title Rampang was replaced by Kareang Loe ri Onto, after his death was replaced by Punta Dolangang with the title of Dala Onto, who later was inaugurated as the first king in Bantaeng.

The Bantaeng region, formerly called Bantayan as one of the most well-established areas in South Sulawesi, can be seen in Negarakertagama, written by Mpu Prapanca in 1365. The name of the Bantayan Kingdom (Bantaeng) has been touted to expand the hubs of government and commerce. Even in the History Book of Dr.Muhammad Yamin, the year 1254 Bantaeng had been mentioned as one of the areas in the eastern archipelago which became the target of expansion of government and commercial relations for Singosari Kingdom led by King Kertanegara in East Java (1254 -1292).
Based on the authentic evidence, the Bantaeng Day (foundation) is 1254. Determination of the 7th day as Bantaeng Regency’s anniversary is symbolic of Balla Tujua in Onto and Tau Tujua, who reigned in Bantaeng in the past, namely Kare Onto, Bissampoe, Sinowa, Gantarangkeke , Mamampang, Katapang, and Lawi-lawi.
During the reign of the Dutch East Indies, precisely from 11 November 1737, Bantayan, was changed to Bonthain, and designated as the basis of government with the status as an afdeling centered in Bonthain City (present: Banateng City, the capital of Bantaeng District).

The location of Bantaeng (Bonthain) in 1909 


List of Kings (Karaeng)

* 1293 – 1332 ruled by Toa Manurung or with the title Karaeng Loeya.
* 1332 – 1362: Massaniaga Maratung.
* 1368 – 1397: Maradiya.
* 1397 – 1425: Massanigaya.
* 1425 – 1453: I Janggong with the title Karaeng Loeya.

* 1453 – 1482: Massaniga Karaeng Bangsa Niaga.
* 1482 – 1509: Daengta Karaeng Putu Dala or called Punta Dolangang.
* 1509 – 1532: Daengta Karaeng Pueya.
* 1532 – 1560: Daengta Karaeng Dewata.
* 1560 – 1576: I Buce Karaeng Bondeng Tuni Tambanga.

* 1576 – 1590: I Marawang Karaeng Barrang Tumaparisika Bokona.
* 1590 – 1620: Massakirang Daeng Mamangung Karaeng Majjombea Matinroa ri Jalanjang Latenri Rua.
* 1620 – 1652: Daengta Karaeng Bonang with the title Karaeng Loeya.
* 1652 – 1670: Daengta Karaeng Baso To Ilanga ri Tamallangnge.
* 1670 – 1672: Mangkawani Daeng Talele.

* 1672 – 1687: Daeng Ta Karaeng Baso (2 times).
* 1687 – 1724: Daeng Ta Karaeng Ngalle.
* 1724 – 1756: Daeng Ta Karaeng Manangkasi.
* 1756 – 1787: Daeng Ta Karaeng Loka.
* 1787 – 1825: Ibagala Daeng Mangnguluang Tunijalloka ri Kajang.

* 1825 – 1826: La Tjalleng To Mangnguliling Karaeng Tallu Dongkonga ri Bantaeng with the title Karaeng Loeya ri Lembang.
* 1826 – 1830: Daeng To Nace ( Janda Permaisuri, Kr. Bagala Dg. Mangnguluang Tunijalloka ri Kajang ).
* 1830 – 1850: Mappaumba Daeng To Magassing.
* 1850 – 1860: Daeng To Pasaurang.
* 1860 – 1866: Karaeng Basunu.

* 1866 – 1877: Karaeng Butung.
* 1877 – 1913: Karaeng Panawang.
* 1913 – 1933: Karaeng Pawiloi.
* 1933 – 1939: Karaeng Mangkala.
* 1939 – 1945: Karaeng Andi Mannapiang.
* 1945 – 1950: Karaeng Pawiloi (2 times).
* 1950 – 1952: Karaeng Andi Mannapiang (2 times).
* 1952 – ……..: Karaeng Massoelle (as responsible).

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Karaeng Pawiloi, 1912-1947

Rumah Adat – Community House

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Rumah Adat is located on Jalan Dr. Ratulangi in Letta sub-district of Bantaeng in Bantaeng city. Balla ‘lompoa means big house in indonesian language, Balla’ Lompoa known as Bantaeng Traditional House stands firmly on the edge of the highway, this house is the place of Karaeng Bantaeng office and all its activities in carrying out its duties as ruler of Bantaeng Kingdom. Makassar traditional house is shaped like a house on stilts.
The building consists of a main building and a side addition building as a porch. Also equipped with the building on the right as a meeting room Karaeng bantaeng with its 12 Adat devices.
Roundabout a triangular roof, there is a wooden platform shaped dragon head on the front and dragon tail-shaped on the back.

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