Kingdom of Sawitto / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Pinrang

The kingdom of Sawitto is a kingdom of the Bugis People; located on Sulawesi, District Pinrang, prov. South Sulawesi.
This kingdom was part of the Confederation of Ajatappareng, in the 16th century.
The title of the king is Adatuang.

District Pinrang

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About the king today (2018)

Addatuang (king) today: A. Bau Sawerigading, Addatuang of Sawittto the 26th.
Installed 20 juli 2015.

Addatuang Sawitto

History of the kingdom

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Before the 20th century there was the Kingdom of Sawitto. This kingdom oversaw small kingdoms, such as:
Batu Lappa,

Ajattappareng was a treaty covenant agreed by 5 kings in a meeting, that took place in Suppa in the 15th century, covering the kingdoms of Sawitto, Suppa, Sidenreng, Rappang, and Alitta. Later joined the kingdoms of Batu Lappa and Kassa. The kingdom of Sawitto achieved its fame in the 15th century, when the Sawitto Kingdom was led by La Paleteang, the 14th king of Sawitto.

The kingdom of Sawitto rejected King Gowa’s offer, which at that time was a great and powerful kingdom, so that King La Paleteang would submit. But King La Paleteang rejected the royal territory of Sawitto as part of the Gowa kingdom.
This battle raises the lives of both parties. Sawitto royal forces with a number of royal troops were few in number compared to the royal forces of Gowa. Finally, with the little personnel strength, Sawitto’s royal troops were defeated, and the Gowa royal forces managed to bring La Paleteang and his wife to the Kingdom of Gowa as captives. The captivity of King Sawitto, La Paleteang did not mean that the territory of the kingdom of Sawitto was taken over by the kingdom of Gowa. But eventually, the king of La Paleteang and his wife successfully brought back to the land of Sawitto. After entering the 20th century, when the Dutch began to interfere in the affairs of the royal household, the kingdom of Sawitto had become the center of defense of several kingdoms in South Sulawesi, such as Bone, Gowa, Wajo and Soppeng.

Installation of A. Bau Sawerigading as Addatuang Sawittto ke XXVI in Pinrang. 20 juli 2015

List of kings 

1908 Sawito state formed by fusion of Sawito and Alita states.

Sawito (title: Adatuang)

* …. – c.1730:
* c.1730 – 1770: La Patau
* c.1770 – 1820: La Kuning Ahmad
* 1820 – 1824: Fatimah Daeng Matene (f)
* c.1825 – 1870: La Cebu
* 1870 – 1886: Pasule Daeng Bulaeng (f)
* 1886 – 1902: Palagau Aru Patojo
* 1902 – 1922: Andi Tama
* 1922 – 1940: I Ba Eda (La Beda)(f)
* 1940 – 1951: Andi Tenri Fatimah (f)
* 1942 – 1950: Andi Calo -Regent
* 1951 – 1957: Bau Rukiah (f)

Alita (title Adatuwang)

* ……. – : Patta Lacalabai
* ……. – 1861: Aru Anipong
* 1861 – 1902: We Tan-ri-Padarang (f)
* 1902 – 1905: La Pangorisang
* 1905 – 1908: La Bonde Jaraeng-ri Jampu E

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The palace

The Palace of the King of Sawitto is located in the city of Pinrang. On this site is a permanent stone house in an ancient architectural style. A relative of the King of Sawitto (A. Sawerigading) told, that before the palace made of stone was built, previously there was a palace made of wood. The palace of stone was built during the colonial rule. Furthermore, according to the narrative of Mr. A. Sawerigading all activities related to government, politics, social, economy and security are controlled from   the palace.

About the Confederation of Ajatappareng

The Confederation of Ajatappareng consisted of the kingdoms Suppa, Sawitto, Sidenreng, Rappang dan Alitta.
The Confederation of Ajatappareng was a form of a partnership agreement between 5 kingdoms of South Sulawesi. This Confederation was founded in the 16th century.
The Confederation of Ajatappareng was formed to create prosperity and peace in order to organize the common life in Ajatappareng area.
The formation of this partnership was also in response to the increasing external demand for export commodities, along with the presence of foreign traders, especially Malay traders in the region.
For full history, click here

South Sulawesi 1909, location of Ajatapparang (incl. Sawitto)

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