Kingdom of Purba / Prov. Sumatera Utara – Kab. Simalungun

The Kingdom of Purba was a kingdom of the Simalungun People, Purba Pakpak clan; located on Sumatera, in District Simalungun. Province of North Sumatera. 16th Century.

District Simalungun

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History of the kingdom of Purba

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Formerly the village (deSa) of Purba was known as one of the oldest kingdoms in Simalungun; the kingdom of Purba counted 14 kings, who ever ruled. This kingdom is not the only kingdom that ever existed in the Simalungun region.
History records reports that there were five great kingdoms, each of which controled its own territory, spread in several areas: Siantar, Panambean, Tanah Java, Pematang Raya and Purba. The area was inhabited by certain clans as well, such as Saragih, Manik, Sinaga and Purba itself.
Rumah Bolon Pematang Purba was the residence of the first king of Purba Tuan Pangultop-ultop (1624-1648), which then passed on from generation to generation with local cultural tradition. The last king was King Tuan Mogang, who is said to have not found his remains yet. Allegedly he was killed when the social revolution took place in Simalungun in 1947.

District Simalungun today with the boundaries of the old kingdoms

List of kings

* 1624-1648: Tuan Pangultop Ultop
* 1648-1669: Tuan Ranjiman
* 1670-1692: Tuan Nanggaraja
* 1692-1717: Tuan Batiran
* 1718-1738: Tuan Bakkaraja

* 1738-1769: Tuan Baringin
* 1769-1780: Tuan Bona Batu
* 1781-1800: Tuan Raja Ulan
* 1800-1825: Tuan Atian
* 1826-1856: Tuan Horma Bulan

* 1856-1886: Tuan Raondop
* 1886-1921: Tuan Rahalim
* 1921-1931: Tuan Karel Tanjung
* 1933-1947: Tuan Mogang
* 1985-sekarang: Tuan Ricky Herianto Purba

– Source: Wiki

Parade of kings of Simalungun, 1930.
From left to right: king of Tanoh Jawa – Sang Majadi (morga Sinaga), Partuanon Silou Kahean – Tuan Gaib (morga Purba),
king of – Tuan Gomok (morga Saragih Garingging),
king of Siantar – Tuan Sawadim (morga Damanik),
king of Panei – Tuan Bosar Sumalam (morga Purba),
king of Dolog Silou – Tuan Ragaim (morga Purba),
king of Purba – Tuan Mogang (morga Purba),
Partuanon Bandar – Tuan Desta Bulan (morga Damanik) dan
king of Silimakuta – Tuan Padiraja (morga Girsang)

Kingdoms in the Simalungun area

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In its history there are 3 (three) phases of kingdoms, that once ruled and reigned in Simalungun.
The first phase is the two kingdom phase (harajaon na dua):

NB: Marga = Clan

* Kingdom of Nagur (marga Damanik) dan
* Kingdom of Batanghio (marga Saragih).

The second phase is the phase of 4 kingdoms:

* Kingdom of Siantar (marga Damanik),
* Kingdom of Panai (marga Purba Dasuha),
* Kingdom of Silau (marga Purba Tambak), dan
Kingdom of Tanoh Jawa (marga Sinaga).

The third phase is the phase of 7 kingdoms:

* Kingdom of Siantar (marga Damanik),
Kingdom of Panai (marga Purba Dasuha),
* Kingdom of Silau (marga Purba Tambak),
Kingdom of Tanoh Jawa (marga Sinaga),
Kingdom of Raya (marga Saragih Garingging),
Kingdom of Purba (marga Purba Pakpak) dan
* Kingdom of Silimakuta (marga Purba Girsang) (Damanik, 2010:1-2).

This third phase begins with the actions of the Dutch government to form a government in the Simalungun region, by treating Belsuit Governor General of the Dutch East Indies Stbl. No 531 of 1906 with the arrangement of seven Kingdoms, called “Napal Kings”.

Map of kingdoms in North Sumatera, 19th century

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