Sultanate of Deli / Prov. Sumatera Utara – Kab. Deli Serdang

كسولتانن دلي

The Sultanate of Deli: 1632 – 1946.
Located in the District of Deli Serdang. North Sumatra Province.
Before there was the kingdom of Aru; the name changed into Deli in 1613.

District Deli Serdang

Foto sultanate of Deli

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About the sultan today (2020)

Sultan (2020): Sultan Deli XIV, Tuanku Mahmujd Lamanjiji.
The Sultan was installed 22-7-2005

The installation of the new Sultan of Deli took place on 22-7-2005 at Istana (Palace) Maimoon in Medan, after his father the late sultan of Deli YAM Tito Otteman Mahmud Ma’moen Padrab Perkasa Alam, died in an airplane crash at Malikus Saleh Lhokseumawe airport on 21-7-2005.
As Lamantjiji is only eight (on 17 aug. 2005) , Raja Muda Tengku Hamdy Usman Deli Khan has been appointed as his protector. He will relinquish his powers as acting sultan, when the boy reaches adulthood.
The new potentate, whose full name is Tengku Mahmud Aria (al Majidi) Lamanjiji, was inaugurated a day after his father, Sultan Deli XIII Lt. Col. Tito Otteman III Mahmud Ma’moen Padrab Perkasa Alam, died in an plane crash in North Aceh.

21 juli 2005
Sultan Deli XIII, Otteman III Mahmud Ma’amun Padrap Perkasa Alam Shah died in a plane crash.

Sultan Deli XIV, Tuanku Mahmujd Lamanjiji


Sultan Deli XIII, Otteman III Mahmud Ma’amun Padrap Perkasa Alam Shah, died 21 juli 2005

History of the sultanate of Deli

The history of the Sultanate of Deli and also the Sultanate of Serdang are closely related to the heyday of the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam during the administration of Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636). Aceh Darussalam started its expansion in 1612 by invading the cities along the East Coast of Sumatra. Deli harbour was conquered in six weeks, while the Kingdom of Aru surrendered in early 1613. The Kingdom of Aru, located in East Sumatra, was called the Kingdom of Haru, in some works such as those of Tuanku Luckman Sinar Basarshah II, who frequently wrote about the history of the kingdoms of East Sumatra.

Aceh Darussalam’s conquest was led by Muhammad Dalik who assumed a title as Sri Paduka Tuanku Gocah Pahlawan. This Aceh Darussalam commander was a descendant of Amir Muhammad Badar ud-din Khan, a nobleman from India who married Princess Chandra Dewi, daughter of the Sultan of Samudera Pasai. Sri Paduka Tuanku Gocah Pahlawan nicknamed Laksamana Kuda Bintan (Admiral Horse of Bintan) was also believed to have led Aceh Darussalam troops against the Portuguese in 1629 and to have then conquered Pahang (1617), Kedah (1620), and Nias (1624), as well as some other areas.

Aceh Darussalam weakened after Sultan Iskandar Thani died. His successor was also his wife and the daughter of Sultan Iskandar Muda, Sultanah Safi al-Din Taj al-Alam (Puteri Sri Alam). The unstable Aceh Darussalam was an opportunity for Tuanku Panglima Perunggit. In 1669, Tuanku Panglima Perunggit proclaimed independence from the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam and established a connection with the Dutch in Malacca. Thus, officially the Sultanate of Deli established a sovereign government with the capital in Labuhan, located approximately 20 kilometres from Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province today.

A civil war between the Sultanate of Deli and Serdang ended in the early 20th century after a pressure from the Dutch. The relationship between the Sultanate of Deli and the Dutch went pretty consistent as they needed each other: the Dutch brought different types of natural resources from Deli, while Deli needs security guarantees.

After Indonesia gained its independence in 1945 and continued with the recognition of sovereignty by the Netherlands in 1949, the Sultanate of Deli, which was originally included in the territory of East Sumatra, since 1950 was merged into the province of North Sumatra until now.

Location sultanate of Deli, 1930

List of sultans

  • Tuanku Panglima Gocah Pahlawan (1632-1669).
  • Tuanku Panglima Parunggit (1669-1698).
  • Tuanku Panglima Paderap (1698-1728).
  • Tuanku Panglima Pasutan (1728-1761).
  • Tuanku Panglima Gandar Wahid (1761-1805).
  • Sultan Amaluddin Mangendar (1805-1850).
  • Sultan Osman Perkasa Alam Shah (1850-1858).
  • Sultan Mahmud Al Rashid Perkasa Alamsyah (1858-1873).
  • Sultan Ma’mun Al Rashid Perkasa Alamyah (1873-1924).
  • Amaluddin Sultan Al Sani Perkasa Alamsyah (1924-1945).
  • Sultan Osman Al Sani Perkasa Alamsyah (1945-1967).
  • Sultan Azmy Perkasa Alam Alhaj (1967-1998).
  • Sultan Otteman Mahmud Perkasa Alam (5 May 1998 – 21 July 2005).
  • Sultan Mahmud Lamanjiji Perkasa Alam (since 22 July 2005).

The Palace: Istana Maimun

This palace was designed by an Italian architect and was built in 1888 on the initiative of Sultan Deli, Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah who is the eldest son of the founder of the city of Medan, Sultan Mahmud Perkasa Alam.
But there is another version that says that this palace architect is a Dutch Captain named T.H. van Erp.
* Foto palace Maimoon: link

Graves of the kings of Deli

The graves of the sultans of Deli are located west of the Masjid Raya in Medan.

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Map of Deli 1847


Kingdoms in North Sumatera province, 19th century

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