Kingdom of Kamaru / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara, Kab. Buton

The Kingdom of Kamaru is located in Sulawesi, District Buton, prov. of South East Sulawesi.

Location of Kamaru, District Buton

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About the king today (2020)

There is no information about this king.

History of the kingdom

Before the founding of the Buton kingdom, the Southeast Sulawesi region of the 14th century archipelago consisted of hundreds of small kingdoms called “kedatuan”. These small kingdoms had their own government with different systems and structures, their territories and communities were limited, usually on each island, with different terms or titles for their leader. Among the small kingdoms, developed several bigger and more influential kingdoms. Among them are Muna Kingdom, Tiworo Kingdom, Lipu Kingdom (Kalingsusu), Kahedupa Kingdom, Kamaru Kingdom, Tobe-Tobe Kingdom, Kotua Kingdom, and many more.
Then the kingdoms merged and formed a new kingdom, namely the kingdom of Buton, which is still standing firmly in the land of Buton.

Part of prov. of South East Sulawesi 


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