Kingdom of Bungoro / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – kab. Pangkajene dan Kepulauan

The Kingdom of Bungoro was located on Sulawesi, on the island of Pangkajane, District Kab. Pangkajane dan Kepulauan, province of south Sulawesi. 17th Century.

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History of the kingdom of Bungoro, 17th century

The district of Bungoro was headed by a Karaeng (King).
In the beginning of the XVII century, Bungoro fall into the power of the Kingdom of Gowa. In 1667, Bungoro was freed from the power of Gowa and was incorporated by the Dutch into what is said the Noorderprovincien.
In 1824 during the reign of La Palowong Daeng Pasampo in Bungoro, a part of this kingdom was placed under administration of Sidjalling Daeng, brother of La Palowong Daeng Pasampo.
Daeng Sidjalling was called “Tala’ju” or “Bungoro Riwawo”, which consisted of Kampung Salebbo (domicili of the Karaeng), Barue’, Lampangang, Campagayya and Landea. (Makkulau, 2008).
In 1918 Bungoro the Kingdom was restored and became a Kekaraengan, according to the “Surat Penetapan” of the Governor of Celebes. At that time Karaeng Bungoro was La Tambi; he was replaced by La DolohaE Daeng Palallo. Furthermore La Dolohae Dg Palallo was replaced by Andi Mustari, who formed the first Camat, which is also the first sub-district in Bungoro.

Map of kingdoms in South Sulawesi, 1909 


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