Kingdom of Pulau Punjung / Prov. Sumatera Barat – Kab. Dharmasraya

The kingdom of Pulau Punjung is located on Sumatera, District Dharmasraya, provinsi Sumatera Barat.
This kingdom is a kingdom of the Minangkabau People.

District Dharmasraya

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About the king

The king (2020) is: Abdul Haris Tuanku Sati.
Crown prince: Eko Andani dari Pulau Punjung-District Dharmasraya. Foto 2018.

Crown-prince: Eko Andani. Foto 2018.

History of the kingdom of Pulau Punjung, 14th century

Siguntur kingdom was a kingdom that existed since the year 1250 after the collapse of Dharmasraya Kingdom.
In the 14th century, Islam entered the kingdom of Siguntur.
In addition to the Siguntur Kingdom, there were also small kingdoms after Islam which also claimed to be in contact with the pre-Islamic Dharmasraya Kingdom. The kingdoms were kingdom of Koto Besar, kingdom of Pulau Punjung, kingdom of Padang Laweh, and the kingdom of Sungai Kambut.
The Kingdom of Pulau Punjung existed in the 16th century, although it was a small kingdom. this kingdom had a strong royal tradition until now. Before named Pulau Punjung this area named Ranah Tibaran and is a gold producing region.

Palace of the kingdom


Wedding of the Crown-prince in 2018


Faher and mother of the present crownprince of Pulau Punjung.

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