Principality of Kediri / Isl. of Lombok – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Barat

The principality (Kedatuan) of Kediri was located on the island of Lombok.

Location island of Lombok

Island of Lombok

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The history of Kediri

Since the death of I Gusti Wayan Tegeh in 1775, Tanjungkarang no longer played an important role and was replaced by the kingdom of Karangasem Sasak, which since 1720 had been under the government of I Gusti Anglurah Made Karangasem, Dewata in Pesaren Anyar Bali. Not much is known about his activities, but in the structure of the royal government of Karangasem Sasak in Lombok he occupied the highest status as the representative (coordinator) of the kingdom of Karangasem on the island of Bali. at that time the king of Mataram status as Patih, while other small kings like the kingdom of Pagutan, Pagesangan, Sengkongo`, and Kediri kingdom have status as manca.

King I Gusti Anglurah Made Karangasem, who after his death was called Dewata in Karangasem Sasak, had two wives and ten children. Among his children was named Ratu Ngurah Made Karangasem, who replaced him as king in the kingdom of Karangasem Sasak. She married her cousin, the daughter of the king of Karangasem Bali, named I Gusti Ayu Agung.
During his reign, the kingdom of Karangasem Sasak increased his power, some small kingdoms such as Sengkongo kingdom, and Kediri kingdom in 1804 were under his control.

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