Kingdom of Nepo / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Barru

The kingdom of Nepo is located on Sulawesi, in Kec. Malusetasi, Kab. Barru. South Sulawesi.

Location District of Barru

Provinsi of South Sulawesi

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About the king

Present Raja (2014): Arung Fung Datu, Arung ke 23 Nepo.

History of the kingdom

Nepo kingdom was an important and influential kingdom in southern Sulawesi in the past. The kingdom was established in the second half of the 16th century, after the king of Gowa I Mario Gau Bonto Karaeng Lakiung Tunipallangga Ulaweng (1546-1565) expanded his power on the local kingdoms in South Sulawesi. Therefore the kingdom of Nepo was not one among other kingdoms, that flourished in the south west coast of the island of Sulawesi jazrah conquered by the kingdom of Gowa.
The foundation of the kingdom of Nepo was connected with legendary La Bongo, after it was previously ruled by Arung PatappuloE (Raja Empat Puluh). This important person founded the kingdom of Nepo, separated it from the addatuang Sawitto.
Nepo kingdom joined the confederation of kingdoms bojo Malusetasi.
Now the kingdom of Nepo has become the desa Nepo, in the district Malusetasi, Barru district.

Map of South Sulawesi (incl. Barru), 1909

List of kings

The kingdom of Nepo was led by Arung Patappuloe. After Arung Patappuloe, there were 13 kings, who once ruled in the kingdom of Nepo, among them La Bongo who was the son of the Datu of Supa.

  1. Arung Patappuloe
  2. Arung La Bongo
  3. Arung I Timang Ratu
  4. Arung La Makkaraka
  5. Arung La Passampoi
  6. Arung La Pabbiseang
  7. Arung La Ippung
  8. Arung La Solong
  9. Arung Laica
  10. Arung I Messang
  11. Arung I Simatanah
  12. Arung Singkeruka
  13. Arung I Makung
  14. Arung La Calo

La Calo was the last Arung of Nepo. During his reign the colonial influence expanded and strengthened in South Sulawesi, including in the Nepo kingdom.

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Source (only indon. language)

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