Kingdom of Molugang / Isl. of Adonara – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Molugang is located on the island of Adonara, prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Location of the island of Adonara

Location of the island of Adonara

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About the kingdom of Molugang

The arrival of people of outside Adonara in the very past was in groups and they occupied territories. In order to preserve the unity and possibilities that arose, when faced with other territories, the group begun to organize itself by appointing a group leader. Over time the region grew to form the kingdoms.
In addition there were still some more kingdoms such as: kingdoms of Boleng, Lamahala, Terong, Watan Pao. Prior to the separation of the Paji and Demon regions, these kingdoms existed independently. Besides, there were still some quite large rural toritorials, but not yet the kingdom, Hinga, Lamabunga, Kiwangona, Horowura and Botun / Lewo Belen.

The Molugang Kingdom was based in Waiwurang and ruled by the Lamablawa tribe. The extent of the kingdom covered the present area of Witehama. This kingdom was eventually subdued by La Asa Pati Arkian an upstream of the kingdom of Adonara.
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History of the kingdoms on the island of Adonara

There are 3 kingdoms on the island of Adonara:
* Adonara,
* Terong and
* Lamahala.
These 3 kingdoms together with the 2 kingdoms on the island of Solor (Lamakera and Lohayong) are called Watan Lima. The descendents are supposed to be Bugis.

Local history on Adonara is documented from the 16th century, when Portuguese traders and missionaries established a post on the nearby island of Solor. By that time Adonara and the surrounding islands were ritually divided between a population of coastal dwellers known as Paji, and a population mainly settling the mountainous inland called Demon.
The Paji were susceptible to Islam, while the Demon tended to fall under Portuguese influence. The Paji areas on Adonara contained three principalities, namely Adonara proper (centered on the north coast of the island), and Terong and Lamahala (on the south coast). Together with two principalities on Solor (Lohayong and Lamakera), they constituted a league called Watan Lema (“the five shores”).
The Watan Lema allied with the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in 1613, confirmed in 1646. The Adonara principalities had frequent feuds with the Portuguese in Larantuka on Flores, and were not always obedient to the Dutch authorities. In the course of the nineteenth century, the ruler of Adonara (proper) in the north strengthened his position in the Solor Archipelago; by then, he was also the overlord of parts of eastern Flores and Lembata. The Demon areas stood under the suzerainty of the principality of Larantuka, which in turn was under Portuguese rule until 1859, when it was ceded to the Netherlands. The principalities of Larantuka and Adonara (proper) were abolished by the Indonesian government in 1962.

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