Sultanate of Bintan Darul Masyhur / Prov. Kep. Riau – Isl. of Bintan

The Sultanate of Bintan (Darul Masyhur) is located on the island of Bintan, province Riau Islands. This kingdom already existed in the 12th century. On 12 december 2012 this kingdom was re-founded.

province Riau Islands

Bintan Island


About the sultan today (2018)

Sultan: Sri Paduka Tri Buana H. Huzrin Hood.
The Sultanate of Bintan Darul Masyhur got a new sultan on December 12, 2012.

Revival of the sultanate, december 2012

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The Sultanate of Bintan Darul Masyur was re-established on December 12, 2012. The return of the Sultanate of Bintan Darul Masyur is based on consensus and deliberation of zuriat and relatives of Bintan Sultanate.
Zuriat and kerabat Kesultanan Bintan decided  and validated  to appoint Haji Huzrin Hood S.H. as sultan of Bintan  with the title Sri Paduka Tri Buana.
This endorsement was accompanied by a loyal oath of the sultan’s appointment, “The people will not rebel against their King and the King will not humiliate his people.

The return of the Sultanate of Bintan Darul Masyur had been initiated by the zuriat and relatives of the Bintan Sultanate by reorganizing the findings of the historical sites of the Sultanate of Bintan, which once existed in the provinces of Bintara, Bintan, Riau Islands and other regions. A number of regalia were also found to be well preserved. On December 10, 2007, the zuriat and relatives of the Sultanate of Bintan gave a mandate to Mr. Haji Huzrin Hood as a Traditional Peman of Bintan to restore the fame of the previously defunct Sultanate of Bintan. Along the coronation of the new sultan, the name of the Sultanate of Bintan was renewed into the Sultanate of Bintan Darul Masyhur. It was the result of deliberations and suggestions from Malaysian Malay king counselors.


History of  the sultanate

According to history, before the Malay kingdoms of Singapore, Melaka, Johor, Riau and Siak Indrapura, in the Riau Archipelago there had been a kingdom, called the Bintan kingdom. The center of his kingdom was on Pulau Besar which was later known as Pulau Bintan.

The history of the kingdoms in the Riau Archipelago and the surrounding area is closely related to the Srivijaya kingdom. The emergence of the Malay Empire from the kingdom of Bentan (Bintan) to the kingdoms of Riau, Lingga-Johor and Pahang became a continuation of the Srivijaya heritage. When Sriwijaya declined, there was the kingdom of Bintan. In 1100 AD the first king of the Bintan kingdom was named Asyhar-Arya, who had the title King Iskandar Shah.

It was recorded, that there were three kings of the Bentan kingdom whose names were well known, namely King Iskandar Syah (1100-1150 AD), followed by his wife Wan Seri Beni (1150-1158 AD) and was replaced by his son-in-law Sang Nila Utama who had the title Seri Tri Buana, who came from Siguntang Hill, Palembang. Raja Seri Tri Buana moved the center of the Bentan kingdom on Bentan Island to Temasik, which was renamed Singapore. The transfer was carried out in 1158 AD.

The last king of this kingdom was Prameswara, who was defeated by Majapahit in 1384 AD. He moved his center of government to Malacca and became the first king of Malacca. He converted to Islam and changed his name to Sultan Muhammad who ruled in 1384-1414 AD.

Location of the island of Bintan,  1888

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Kesultanan Bintan Darul Masyhur terbentuk kembali pada 12 Desember 2012:


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Pemangku Adat Bentan (Sultan H. Huzrin Hood)


Sultan Sri Paduka Tri Buana H. Huzrin Hood and (right) king Tekaka of the kingdom of Laiwoi. 2016

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