Sultanate of Barus (dynasty Pardosi) / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The Sultanate of Barus: 14th century – 19th century. Located in Barus, District Tapanuli Tengah, prov. North Sumatera. This kingdom was a kingdom of the Batak people.

District Tapanuli Tengah

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History of the sultanate of Barus, 14th century

In the 6th century, has established a new authority in Barus founded by Sultan Ibrahimsyah coming from Tarusan, Minang, Batak descent from a collection of clans Pasaribu, which eventually formed Dulisme leadership in Barus.
The first king, who became a Muslim, was King Kadir, his children held the title of Sultan.

The Sultanate of Barus was an Islamic kingdom located in Barus, North Sumatra.
In the 14th century, the Sultanate Barus was a port of the Pagaruyung Kingdom, along with Tiku and Pariaman, which became a trading place on the island of Sumatra.
In 1524, the Barus area was controlled by kings from two dynasties, namely:
* Barus Hulu, Dinasti Pardosi originating from Toba.
* Barus Hilir, Dinasti Hatorusan from Tarusan, Minangkabau, descended from King Pagaruyung.

Barus was under the rule of the Aceh Sultanate. It later became the vassal of Aceh until 1668.

Since the presence of the VOC in 1668, the two kings have had different attitudes.
The king in Hulu (Pardosi) rejected the presence of the VOC and raised allegiance to the Aceh sultan.
The king in the Hilir (Hatorusan) accepted it and opposed Aceh’s monopoly in Barus.
In the 19th century, Barus was under the control of the Dutch East Indies and became part of Sumatra’s Weskust province, which was headquartered in Padang.

List of kings

* Raja Kesaktian (in Toba)
* Alang Pardosi moved to Rambe and founded a palace in Gotting, Tukka
* Pucaro Duan Pardosi in Tukka
* Guru Marsakot Pardosi in Lobu Tua
* Raja Tutung Pardosi in Tukka
* Tuan Namora king Pardosi

During a long period there is no documentation about the kings.

* Raja Tua Pardosi
* Raja Kadir Pardosi (the forst who converted to Islam)
* Raja Mualif Pardosi
* Sultan Marah Pangsu Pardosi (700-an Hijriyah)
* Sultan Marah Sifat Pardosi
* 1644: Tuanku Maraja Bongsu Pardosi
* Tuanku Raja Kecil Pardosi
* Sultan Daeng Pardosi
* Sultan Marah Tulang Pardosi
* Sultan Munawar Syah Pardosi
* 1765: Sultan Marah Pangkat Pardosi
* 1798: Sultan Baginda Raja Adil Pardosi
* 1825: Sultan Sailan Pardosi
* Sultan Limba Tua Pardosi
* Sultan Ma’in Intan Pardosi
* Sultan Agama who was called Sultan Subum Pardosi
* 1853: Sultan Marah Tulang who was called Sultan Nangu Pardosi.

* Sultan Ibrahimsyah
* Sultan Abidinsyah Pasaribu
* Sultan Buchari Muslim Pasaribu

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Sumatera,  1707

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