Kingdom of Arosbaya / Isl. of Madura

The kingdom of Arosbaya was located on pulau Madura, west Madura.

Location of Madura

History of the kingdom

In pre-Islamic times in West Madura, was a kingdom founded by Panembahan Pragalba (16th century), which was then Islamized by his son named Prince Pratanu or Lemah Duwur.
Pragalba converted to Islam in the hour of his death. When required to read the creed by Pratanu, Pragalba nodded his head. That’s why then Pragalba is also known as Prince Ongguk (nod or nod). And Islam in Arosbaya, then also called Islam ongguk.

Arosbaya King who lived in Plakaran was buried in a funeral complex located south of Plakaran, or about 60 km from the city of Bangkalan. Tomb of Prince Pragalba is called the Tomb Agung.
During the reign of Weak Duwur this Arosbaya kingdom continued to expand its Islamic influence to the kingdoms in Sampang and Blega, and even extended almost to the whole of Madura.

In Raffles’s record (Raffles, 1817) it is said that at that time Lemah Duwur was the king who played an important role. Even Raffles stated that Lemah Duwur was the most important king in East Java. Lemah Duwur was considered to have successfully developed the kingdom of Arosbaya into a kingdom, that played an important role in the voyage, commerce, and politics in Madura and Java. In 1592, Lemah Duwur passed away. He died in Arosbaya and was buried in the tomb complex. After the death of power Lemah Duwur forwarded his sister, Middle Prince, who was none other than Cakraningrat I father.

Burial Complex Makam Agung

To enter the complex of the Tomb of the Great, the tomb of the founder of the West Madura kingdom, must pass through two gates of rock yellow rock from a hill Buduran Village. The shape of the gate is very simple, without carving. However, at the second gate, the gate to the tomb of Pragalba, Pratanu and Raden Koro, the carvings at the gate are very thick once the Hindu breath. Although the moment of his death and buried Pragalba in an Islamic state, but the architecture of his burial complex at the Tomb of the Great remains Hindu architecture.

Grave of king Pragalba and king Pratanu

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Burial Complex Makam Agung