Kingdom of Maiwa / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Enrekang

The kingdom of Maiwa is located on Sulawesi, in the District of Enrekang. This kingdom was part of the federation Massempulu, which existed in the 14th century.
The title of the king is Arung.

District of Enrekang

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About the king (2020)

There is no information about the king today.

Arung (king) of Maiwa with J Mouvroow istri Controlieur Belanda from Rappang,1930. Sumber: Sejarah Sulawesi, FB

History of the kingdom

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Maiwa is a small kingdom ruled by a King (Arung) before it was incorporated in the Federation Massenrempulu. This kingdom had been developed especially in the field of religion where during the leadership Pua’ta Lundu (1602-1625) was the first time the entry of Islam.
The entry of Islam in this Kingdom was closely linked to the entry of Islam in Sidenreng, where it is mentioned in Lontara Gowa Tallo, that the Sidenreng Rappang region converted to Islam in 1609, while one of the sons of the Maiwa king Janggo Ridi returned from Gowa carrying Islamic teachings in 1608. Janggo ridi is the first person who accepted Islam, because after him then there are delegates to study Islam like I pua ‘and Matindoi in Langgara’na.

Arung (king) of Maiwa with J Mouvroow istri Controlieur Belanda from Rappang,1930. Sumber: Sejarah Sulawesi, FB

List of kings (Arung)

* c.1864 – 1890                             La Calo
* 1890 – 1905 (1st time)                La Pakanteng Muhammad Ali
* 1905 – 16 Jul 1907                      La Sapewali
* 17 Jul 1907 – 1909 (2nd time)     La Palanteng Muhammad Ali
* Jan 1909 – 17 Mar 1910              La Poli Andi Suwa -Regent
* 1910 – 1913                                 La Coke
* 24 Feb 1913 – 3 Dec 1913           Regency Council
* 3 Dec 1913 – 18 Aug 1918           La Sini
* 1918 – 1920                                  La Naki
* 1920 – 30 Oct 1925                       La Cori
* 1925 – 1926                                  La Oga
* 1926                                              La Ori     Regent
* 1927 – 1950                                  La Sassu (regent to 1928)
* 1950 – 20 Dec 2012:                    Interrengum

* 20 Dec 2012 –                              Andi Amang

Info dari Andi Anugerah: For my inauguration procession there is no info ever done induction procession in custom. Incidentally Andi Amang is the younger brother of Almr. My father, Andi Amiruddin Hodeng

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– Sumber: Komunitas Buntu Batu

The Federation Massenrempulu

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Since the XIV century, the region of Enrekang is called Massenrempulu ‘which means marginalize the mountain or along the mountain, while the Enrekang name from Endeg which means Rise From or Climbing and from here the origin of the name Endekan.
Historically, in the beginning Enrekang Regency was a large kingdom called Malepong Bulan, then this kingdom is Manurung with a federation that combines 7 regions / kingdom better known as the “Pitue Massenrempulu” federation, namely:

NB: kerajaan = kingdom

  1. Kerajaan Endekan ruled by Arung/Puang Endekan
  2. Kerajaan Kassa ruled by Arung Kassa’
  3. Kerajaan Batulappa‘ ruled by Arung Batulappa’
  4. Kerajaan Tallu Batu Papan (Duri) which was an alliance of Buntu Batu, Malua, Alla’. Buntu Batu ruled by Arung/Puang Buntu Batu, Malua ruled/Puang Malua, Alla’ by Arung Alla’
  5. Kerajaan Maiwa ruled by Arung Maiwa
  6. Kerajaan Letta‘ ruled by Arung Letta’
  7. Kerajaan Baringin (Baringeng) ruled by Arung Baringin.

 Pitu Massenrempulu occurred in the 15th century. But around the 17th century Pitu Massenrempulu changed its name to “Lima Massenrempulu”, because the kingdom of Baringin and the Letta kingdom did not join the Massenrempulu federation.
Five Massenrempulu consisted of:

* Kerajaan Endekan,
* Kerajaan Tallu Batu Papan (Duri),
* Kerajaan Maiwa,
* Kerajaan Kassa,
* kerajaan Batu Lappa.

Because the Politics of Devide At Impera the Dutch government broke this area with the Decree of the Royal Dutch Command (KORTE VERKLARING) where the kingdom of Kassa and the kingdom of Batu Lappa was put into Sawitto. This occurred ± 1905 (XX century), so to remain in the state of FIVE MASSENREMPULU, the kingdoms within it are broken down into:
* Enrekang
* Maiwa
* Alla
* Buntu Batu
* Malua

During the dutch time the kingdoms were called “Landschap”.

Map of South Sulawesi, 1909

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