Kingdom of Bolaang Uki / Prov. Sulawesi Utara, Kab. Bolaang Mongondow Utara

The Kingdom of Bolaang Uki was a kingdom of the Mongondow people; located in in the district Bolaang Mongondow, north Sulawesi. This kingdom exists since the 16th century.

District of North Bolaang Mongondow 

Provinsi of North Sulawesi 

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About the king

The present  (2005) Camat sub-district ruler of District Bolang Uki is a member of the Gobel Raja Dynasty: drs Ahmad Gobel.

History of the kingdom

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Since the 16th century, the district of Bolaang Mongondow was the territory of several kingdoms. Some of the kingdoms, who once ruled in this region, were:
1) kingdom of Bolaang Mongondow,
2) Kingdom of Bolango, which later became Kingdom of Bolaang Uki located in Walugu,
3) Kingdom of Bintauna, changed several times the capital: Panayo, Minanga, dan Pimpi,
4) Kingdom of Bolaang Itang located in Bolaang Itang,
5) Kingdom of Kaidipang with as capital Buroko.

The Bolaang Uki tribe are the people of the Bolango Kingdom based in Gorontalo, who fled to Bolaang Mongondow in 1862, for disputing and refusing to submit to Dutch rule.
During the government of the Dutch East Indies, early 19th century, it was king Bolango’s initiative to migrate to Bolaang Mongondow. It was done in waves with different travel routes. They arrived at Molibagu, called by many people as the place where the land licked Putri Daopeyago.
The last king, who reigned was Paduka Raja Hassan van Gobel, founded Molibagu which later became Bolaang Uki Subdistrict.
King Hasan Van Gobel then set up a country called the kingdom of Bolaang Uki. It is said that the kingdom was there until 1950.

List of kings of Bolaang Uki

1. Wintu-wintu raja di pulau Lembe
2. Dotulango raja di Minahasa/Tonsea Lama
3. Mosolaingo
4. Daopayago
5. Pasuma
6. Imimingo
7. Mogolaigo II
8. Sangian Datu
9. Gobel
10. Mokolisi
11. Polingala
12. Pulubulawa
13. Matoko
14. Bagule
15. Napu
16. Katili
17. Matoka
18. Tuako
19. Unonongo
20. Iskandar Budiman van Gobel (1856-1886)
21. Ali Akbar (1866-1895)
22. Willem van Gobel (1895-1903)
23. Hassan van Gobel (1903-1911)
24. Jusuf van Gobel (Jogugu)


Old maps

Map of Bolaang Uki, Bolaang Itang, Bolaang Mongondow and Kaidipang, 1894


Map of Gorontalo begin 20th century

Source (only indon. language)

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