Caruban Nagari Cirebon, kingdom / Prov. Jawa Barat – Kab. Cirebon

Caruban Nagari Cirebon is the forerunner of the sultanate of Cirebon, located in District Cirebon, prov. West Java.
The Kingdom of Caruban Nagari was founded in 1479.

District Cirebon

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History of Caruban Nagari Cirebon, founded in 1479
The Cirebon Sultanate was a well-known Islamic sultanate in West Java in the 15th and 16th centuries AD, and was an important base in trade routes and inter-island shipping.

Ki Gedeng Tapa built Caruban, the embryo of Cirebon City. Pangeran Cakrabuana (Muslim), the first son of Sri Baduga Maharaja Prabu Siliwangi and the grandson of Kigedeng Tapa founded the Pakungwati Palace which was based on Islam. He is called the founder of the Cirebon Sultanate.

Pangeran Cakrabuana (Walangsungsang) then made a hamlet in Kebon Pesisir, built the Kuta Kosod (red brick walls without spaces), founded Dalem Agung Pakungwati and formed a government in Cirebon in 1430.Thus, the one who is considered to be the first founder of the Cirebon Sultanate is Walangsungsang or Pangeran Cakrabuana. Prince Cakrabuana, who after completing the pilgrimage was later called Haji Abdullah Iman, appeared as the first Cirebon “king” to rule from the Pakungwati palace and actively spread Islam to the Cirebon population.
Prince Walanggungsang died in 1529.

1552: The Islamic Sultanate of Cirebon was officially established under the leadership of Syarif Hidayatullah (Sunan Gunung Jati, 1448 – 1568). He reigned until 1568. This empire triumphed under his leadership.

Location of Cirebon  1700
Lokasi Cirebon

Keraton Pakungwati

Keraton Dalem Agung Pakungwati is located in the Kasepuhan Keraton Cirebon Complex.
The Keraton Dalem Agung Pakungwati was founded in 1430 by Pangeran Cakrabuana in Majapahit architectural style.
Pangeran Cakrabuana gave the name of the first keraton in Cirebon with the name Pakungwati.
In the Keraton Dalem Agung Pakung Wati there are three buildings, namely Petilasan Pangeran Cakrabuana, Petilasan Sunan Gunung Jati and the Pangeran Cakrabuana house.

More foto’s below.


Petilasan Pangeran Cakrabuana


The building Siti Hinggil keraton Pakungwati was built by Cakrabuana, 1430


Meeting hall of the king built by Cakrabuana, 1430

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