Kingdom of Tiro / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Bulukumba

The kingdom of Tiro was located on Sulawesi, in the district of Bulukumba, prov. of  south Sulawesi.

District of Bulukumba

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History of the kingdom

After the influence of the power of the Luwu Kingdom began to collapse due to the Luwu war with Gowa-Bone, the Tiro Kingdom became under the influence of the Kingdom of Gowa. And I TOA Samparaja Dg Malaja became Karaeng. (Samparaja Dg Malaja 1470 AD – 1510 AD).

Before there was a government system and Tiro was not known as a kingdom, this area was divided into several small areas in the form of villages which were ordered by someone with the title Barumbung, a kind of tribal chief. Barumbung had full autonomy over their respective territories. The brotherhood ties between Barumbung were so close that there had never been any bloodshed between them.

When Karaeng Tumapa’risi kallong na reigned in the Kingdom of Gowa, he expanded to several kingdoms. The Tiro Kingdom did not escape being the conquered kingdom or the Palili Kingdom. At that time Tiro was ruled by Samparaja Daeng Malaja. The kingdom of Gowa as the ruler changed the title and government structure in the Tiro kingdom including: I Toa changed to Karaeng, using the title Daeng, Barumbung was removed and changed to Lompo or Gallarrang.

The entry of Islam and becoming a mandatory religion for all people in the Tiro Kingdom, changed the life order and government structure. Old habits that were not in accordance with Islamic law were changed and some have even been abolished / forbidden.

The impact of the Gowa and Bone wars had direct and indirect impacts, the indirect impact was a change in the social order and mindset of the people in South Sulawesi, while the direct impact was the change in some governance structures in several Palili kingdoms such as the Tiro kingdom.

After the Bongaya agreement, Tiro was handed over to the Bone Kingdom. The Kingdom of Bone added a new government structure, namely Sulewatang and Macoa. The Tiro Kingdom did not pay tribute to the Bone Kingdom because of the blood relationship between the Karaeng / Raja who ruled at that time and was a descendant of Mapai in the Bone Kingdom. (Her grandfather was a derivative of Karaeng Tiro and her grandmother was a descendant of Mapai in Bone).

The Kingdom of Bone did not last long in Tiro and was taken over by the Dutch. When Tiro came to power in the Netherlands, several regions changed the name of their government, such as Gallarang Salobundang changed to Kapala Salobundang, Gallarrang Hila-Hila changed to Kapala Hila-Hila.

List of kings

1. Samparaja Dg Malaja
2. Pg Launru Kr Ambibia
3. Pg Kr Puteh Dg Malla’langi
4. Puang Kr Tonang Deppaoha
5. Puang Kr Amin Tiro
6. Andi Mappijalang

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History kingdoms in area Bulukumba

Google  translation

Begin of the sixteenth century was the beginning of the development of small kingdoms in Bulukumba in terms of economy, defense and, as well, could exercise their power so well as ruler of the kingdom. It’s just that threats and challenges often come and go.
The first kingdom in Bulukumba was Kajang Amma Toa. There are some other small kingdoms in Bulukumba.
Some of these small kingdoms in Bulukumba were:
* Kingdom of Tanete,
* Kingdom of (Gantarang) Kindang,
* Kingdom of Hero Langnge-langnge,
* Kingdom of Ujung Loe,
Kingdom of Kajang,
* Kingdom of Tiro,
* Kingdom of Bontohari.

In the 16th-17th century the kingdom of Bone and the kingdom of Gowa fought in the seizure of power territory ie bangkeng buki ‘area, which is in the area of Bulukumba now.
Finally, these two kingdoms re-reconcile and supported the kings in Bulukumba to maintain their territories.
Because they already know the cunning of the Dutch and its allies, they pitted all the kings to fight each other. Because the Dutch thought if all the kingdom were united, it is more difficult to master them.

Map of South Sulawesi, incl. Bulukumba, 1909

Source (only indon. language)

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