Kingdom of Giri Kedaton / Prov. Jawa Timur – Kab. Gresik

Kingdom of Giri Kedaton: 15th – 17th century. Located in east Jawa, District Gresik.

District Gresik

* Foto remains of Giri Kedaton: link 

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History of the kingdom of Giri Kedaton, 15th – 17th century

Giri Kedaton was an islamic kingdom in Gresik, East Java around the 15th century until the 17th. This kingdom had triumphed as a center of Islamic religion, whose influence even spread to the Moluccas.
Giri Kedaton was established by Raden Paku, a member of Walisongo in the year 1487. Once Raden Paku went to see his father, who was  a scholar in Pasai, named Maulana Isaac. His father sent him to build a religious school in Gresik.
The Sultanate of Mataram under the reign of Sultan Agung wanted Giri Kedaton as a subordinate area. In 1630 under the leadership of Sunan Kawis Guwa Giri Kedaton rejected to be ruled by Mataram.
Nobody in Mataram dared to face Giri Kedaton. Apparently they still feared the sanctity of the Walisongo, though the council was not there anymore.
Panembahan Ageng Giri was captured and executed. And the family was destroyed. Since then ended the Giri Kedaton history.

– Source: Wiki

List of Kings

* 1487 – 1506: Sunan Giri I or Prabu Satmata or Raden Paku (engl.: link)
* 1487 – 1546: Sunan Dalem or Sunan Kedul or Sunan Giri II
* 1546 – 1548: Sunan Seda ing Margi or Sunan Giri III
* 1548 – 1605: Sunan Prapen or Sunan Mas Ratu Pratikal or Sunan Giri IV
* 1605 – ?: Sunan Kawis Guwa or Sunan Giri V
* ? – 1680: Panembahan Ageng Giri
* Panembahan Mas Witana Sideng Rana

– Sumber / Source: Wiki

Situs of Giri Kedaton

The Site of Giri Kedaton was a palace and also boarding school founded by Kanjeng Sunan Giri in 1478 AD, which is used as a propaganda center of the spread of Islam in Java. However, this historic site (the forerunner of Gresik) is now almost forgotten by most people in Gresik.
* Foto remains of Giri Kedaton: link 

giri kedaton

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Giri Kedaton:
Sejarah kerajaan Giri Kedaton:
Daftar raja Giri Kedaton: Wiki
– Sunan Giri:
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