Sultanate of Sumbawa / P. Sumbawa – Nusa Tenggara Barat

The Sultanate of Sumbawa: from 1674; located on the island of Sumbawa, in the district of Sumbawa.

Location of the city of Sumbawa


Location of the island of Sumbawa

Foto sultanate of Sumbawa

* Foto sultanate of Sumbawa: link
Foto palace Dalam Loka:  link
Video installation Sultan of Sumbawa, 2011: link
* Video installation Sultan of Sumbawa, 2011: link

Foto kingdoms on Sumbawa

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Revival of the Sultanate of Sumbawa, 2011

In april 2011 after a vacuum of 36 years, a new Sultan was installed: Sultan Sumbawa XVII, Daeng Abdurrahman Kaharuddin.

History of the sultanate

The name “Sumbawa” originally referred only to the western part of the island of Sumbawa, to the home of the Tau Semawa, the Sumbawan ethnic group. The eastern part belongs to the distinct Bimanese people; relations between the regions were distant. As late as 1920, there was no intermarriage between the Sumbawan and Bimanese sultanates. The island received some early Hindu-Javanese influence; four places on the island appear in the 14th-century Javanese poem Nagarakrtagama. In the 16th century, the Balinese kingdom of Gelgel extended its hegemony to the Semawa, while Bima entered the Makassarese sphere of influence; both peoples adopted Islam.

On 12 June 1674, the sultanate of Sumbawa made an agreement with the VOC, which included ceding territory to the Dutch company, thus enabling it to monopolize the island’s most renowned export, sappanwood (an ingredient in dyes). In 1820, an adventurer from Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan) seized the sultanate’s regalia; his descendants ruled as sultans of Sumbawa until Indonesian independence. Dutch direct rule only began in 1905. The island had suffered from frequent famine before the 1980s, when the Indonesian government succeeded in doubling rice production.

The Sultanate of Sumbawa started towards the end of the Dinasti Dewa Awan Kuning, at that time adopting Animism. The entry of Islam into Sumbawa had accelerated and catalyzed the formation of the sultanate of Sumbawa, known by the name of Dinasti Dewa Dalam Bawa. The first Sultan was Dewa Mas Pamayam (Mas Cini) 1648-1666. There are three degrees or Puin Kajulukyang which are used as the name of the sultanate Sumbawa: Sultan Harun Arrasyid, Sultan Jalaluddin, dan Sultan Kaharuddin.
After Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III died in 1975, there was a vacuum of the Sumbawa Sultanate throne for 36 years. On April 5, 2011 crown prince Daeng Muhammad Abdurrahman Kaharuddin, was crowned as the Sultan of Sumbawa the 17th with the title of Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin IV.

List of Sultans

c.1650: Sumbawa state founded.
1816: Eruption of Tambora in 1815 disrupts state.
1837: State restored.
1908: State extinguished by Netherlands colonial government.
1931: Ruling line nominally reinstated.

Penguasa / Rulers Dinasti Dewa Dalam Bawa.

Dinasti Dewa Dalam Bawa berkuasa sejak berakhirnya pemerintahan Dinasti Awan Kuning yaitu pada tahun 1623.

* 1675 – 1701:  Dewa Mas Bantan
* 1701 – 1725:  Dewa Mas Madina
* 1725 – 1731:  Dewa Mas Muhammad Jalaluddin I
* 1731 – 1759:  Dewa Mas Mapasusung Muhammad Kahharuddi
* 1759 – 1761:  I Sugi Karaeng Bantoa (f)
* 1761 – 1763:  Hasanuddin Datu Jereweh
* 1763 – 1766:  Dewa Mas Muhammad Jalaluddin II
* 1766 – 1780:  Mappacongga Mustapha
* 1780 – 1791:  Mahmud Datu Jereweh
* 1791 – 1795:  Safiatuddin Daeng Masiki
* 1796 – 1816:  Muhammad Kahharuddin II
* 1816 – 1837:  Disrupted
* 1837 – 1843:  Lulo Murso
* 1843 – 1883:  Amarullah
* 1883 – 1908:  Muhammad Jalaluddin
* 1908 – 1931:  Interregnum
* 1931 – 1958:  Muhammad Kahharuddin III (d. 1975)
* 1958 – 2011:  Interregnum
* 5 Apr 2011:  Muhammad Kahharuddin IV (b. 1941)


There are 3 palaces.

1) Palace Bala Kuning (private house of Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin)

* Foto Istana Bala Kuning: link


2) Istana Dalam Loka

The Sumbawan king who built Dalam Loka Palace is Sultan Muhammad Jalaluddin Syah III (1883-1931), whom was the 16th sultan of the Dewa Dalam Bawa dysnasty. His Majesty was established as the ruler of Sumbawa with an act of the colonial government of Nederland Indie October 18th 1885. Since then the imperialism was hovering over Sumbawa.
– Source:

* Foto Istana Dalam Loka: link


3) Istana Wisma Praja

This palace was built in 1932, and was the living place of Sultan Kaharuddin III.
* Foto foto Wisma Praja: link

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– Palace Dalam Loka:

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