Kingdom of Sausu / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Parigi Moutong

The kingdom of Sausu is located on Sulawesi, District Parigi Moutong, provinsi Sulawesi Tengah.

District Parigi Moutong

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History of the kingdom

In the 13th century in the area of Sausu there was a great kingdom led by a king or Jogugu, who was assisted by its officials consisting of Gatara (Court), Babato (Proposer), Mayori (Chief of War), Ukumi (Landlord ), Ulea (Advocate of adat members), Parangga Payu (Protector in customary deliberation), Kapitalu (Meeting can not be held before there is Kapitalu) and Pubisara (Spokesperson).
After independence from Dutch colonialism Sausu area has been divided into 4 villages that the remaining kingdoms are: Balinggi Village, Sausu River Village, Tojo Village and Tatari Village.
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Map of part of Central Sulawesi  (incl. Sausu)


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