Kingdom of Tanralili / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Maros

The kingdom of Tanralili was a kingdom on Sulawesi, District Maros, prov. South Sulawesi.

District Maros

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History of the kingdom of Tanralili

The Kingdom of Tanralili was founded by La Tenri Petta Tomarilaleng who left the Bone Kingdom for being unhappy with the dominant Dutch intervention in the government of the Bone Kingdom.
La Tenri was the son of La Tobala Petta Pakkinyarange Arung Tanete Ri Awang Jannang Bone. La Tenri I Manning Arung Petteng, daughter of La Tenri Page Arung Tungke Arung Mampu, married the son of La Panuangi Towappamole Sultan Abdullah Mansyur (Mangkau Bone XX) Matinroe ri Beula.
After establishing the Tanralili village centered in Tompo’bulu, La Tenri raised his son La Mappaware Daeng Ngirate as the first king, around 1711.

South Sulawesi (incl. Maros) 1909

List of kings

1) La Mappaware Daeng Ngirate Batara Tanralili Matinroa ri Damma
2) 1697 – 1711: I Daeng Tanralili Matinroa ri Masale
3) 1730 – 1735: I Lele Daeng Rimoncong Matinroa ri Tallo
4) 1735 -1781: I Panjanggau Daeng Mamala Matinroa ri Solojirang
5) 1781 – 1819: I Malluluang Daeng Manimbangi Matinroa ri Cidutoa
6) 1826 -1870: I Calla Daeng Mabbunga Karaeng Borong
7) 1871 – 1877: I Fatahulla Daeng Mattayang
8) 1877 – 1898: I Nyimpung Daeng Palallo
9) 1899 – 1906: I ToE Daeng Pagajang Karaeng Ta’lea ri Bima
10) 1908 – 1916: I Punruang Daeng Mangngati Matinroa ri Bengkalis
11) 1916 – 1925: I Bura’ne Abdul Gani Daeng Manromo
12) 1925 – 1930: Andi Nanggong Daeng Mattimu
13) 1930 – 1952: Andi Abdullah Daeng Matutu
14) 1952 – 1963: Haji Andi Badoeddin Daeng Manuntungi

– Source:,_Maros

History of the kingdoms in Maros Region

The Bungaya 1667/1669 Agreement between Sultan Hasanuddin Raja Gowa XVI and Admiral Cornelis Spelman turned out to have a major impact not only for the Kingdom of Gowa as an aggrieved party but also to bias the influence to other kingdoms including the kingdom around Gowa including Maros.
In the Bungaya Agreement (1667), Maros was designated as having direct rule from the Dutch so that the forms of government of the kingdoms in Maros were formulated in the form of Regentschaap led by local rulers of the Regent (Regent).
Around the XVII century in Maros Region and its surroundings were about 8 independent kingdoms. The kingdoms were:

NB: kerajaan = kingdom

* Kerajaan Simbang,
* Kerajaan Tanralili,
* Kerajaan Marusu,
* Kerajaan Bontoa,
* Kerajaan Lau,
* Kerajaan Turikale.

Source (only indon. language)

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