Kingdom of Buol / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah, Kab. Buol

The Kingdom of Buol (1380-1947) is a kingdom of the Buol People, located in the Kabupaten Buol. Central Sulawesi.
This kingdom is known since the 14th century.

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About the king

King (2015): Raja Mohammad Safri Turungku; the new king of Buol.

History of the kingdom 1380-1947

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History of Buol began to be known since the reign of Ndubu I with his queen named Sakilato (about 1380) and subsequently replaced by Anogu Rlipu as Madika, who then moved the Government Center from Guamonial to Lamolan. After Anogu Rlipu passed away and Dae Bole had not returned, then Bokidu decided Bataralangit to  become Madika (Raja) with the title of Madika Moputi or Sultan Eato and was estimated Madika Moputi is King Buol, who first embraced Islam by the name of Muhammad Tahir Wazairuladhim Abdurahman and died in 1594.

Substitute Madika Moputi is Dai Bole’s son Pombang Rlipu, who was given the title of Prins Yakut Kuntu Amas Raja Besar by Portuguese. After the reign of the famous Pombang Rlipu was the Sultan of Pondu, who did a lot of resistance to the Portuguese, but was caught and sentenced to death in the year 1770.

Map of region of Gorontalo (incl. Buol = Bwool)

bol mon 1894

List of kings

* Sultan Undain
* 1804-1810: Datumimo
* 1810-1818: Mokoapat
* Ndubu II
* Takuloe
* 1839-1843: Datumula
* 1843-1857: Elam Siradjudin
* 1857-1858: Modeiyo (wakil)
* 1858-1864: Lahadung

Continued by Dynasty Turumbu / Turungku namely:

* 1864-1890: Turumbu / Turungku
* 1890-1899:Haji Patra Turungku
* 1899-1914: Datu Alam Turungku
* 1914-1947: Haji Akhmad Turungku
* 1947-1997: Mohammad Aminullah Turungku
* 1997- …….: Mahmud Aminullah Turungku

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