Kingdom of Suka, Sibayak Suka / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The kingdom (Sibayak) of Suka. A kingdom of the Karo People, part of the Batak People. Located  in the district of Karo. North Sumatra Province.

District of Karo

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History of the kingdom Suka Sibayak

Kabupaten Karo was a part of the Kingdom of Aru.
Later in Tanah Karo were 5 kebayaka (kingdoms):
* Kingdom of Sibayak Linga (origin clan Marga Karo-Karo Sinulingga)
* Kingdom of Sibayak Sarinembah (origin clan Marga Sembiring Meliala)
* Kingdom of Sibayak Suka (origin clan Marga Marga Ginting Suka)
* Kingdom of Sibayak Barusjahe (origin KaroKaro, Barus)
* Kingdom of Kutabuluh (Marga Perangin-angin).

Based on the history of its development, prior to the existence of the kingdoms in Tanah Karo, the community consisted only of land peoples and they came from outside. At that time the leader was appointed by the clan and he was assisted by senina.
Later appeared the urung with its leader called Bapa Urung.
Around 1607-1636 Aceh came under the leadership of Sultan Iskandar Muda, who brought the Islam to Karo. The king of Aceh, called Tuan Kita, formalized 4 kingdoms, called Sibayak. They were ruled by four kings, who had vast areas.

Kingdom of Suka consisted of 4 Urung:
a. Urung Suka centered in Suka
b. Urung Sukapiring centered in Seberaya
c. Urung Ajinembah centered in Ajinembah
d. Urung Tongging centered in Tongging

Map of the Karo Batak People

Source (only indon. language)

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