Kingdom of Plakaran / Isl. of Madura

The kingdom of Plakaran was locted on the island of Madura, kab. Bangkalan.

Location of Madura

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History of the kingdom

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Near the Makam Agung (Great Tomb), precisely in the Village Plakaran, District Arosbaya, there was once stood a small kingdom named Kingdom Plakaran. The kingdom was ruled by Ki Demung Plakaran, the descendant of King Brawijaya (1468-1478), the last king of the Majapahit Kingdom. In addition to the famous Islamic legend onggu ‘.

In the 15th century, two envoys of the Majapahit kingdom, named Lembu Petteng and Menak Senoyo, came to Madura and lived in Sampang. A person named Ny. Ageng Budo married a man named Aryo Pecuk; the husband of Ny. Ageng Budo was a descendant of Menak Senoyo. The wedding of Aryo Pucuk with Ny. Ageng Budo was gifted with a child named Ki Demung. After being adult, Ki Demung went west and arrived at Plakaran area. There Ki Demung built a Kingdom. Plakaran village so kec. Arosbaya.

After Ki Demung died, he was replaced by his son named Pragalba with the title of Pangeran Plakaran whose nickname was the prince of Islam Ongguk. Prince Plakaran had a son named in Ki Pratanu. Following the tradition of the leaders of the Islamic kingdom, the coronation of the king was on the 12th of Robiul Awal, Ki Pratanu was crowned king of Plakaran with the title of Pangeran Lemah Duwur replacing his father Prince Plakaran.

When Kraton Plakaran was ruled by Raden Pragalbo, the third son of Ki Demung Plakaran, then popularly known as the Prince of Islam Onghu ‘(Islam nodded), the power of the Kingdom of Plakaran whose central government had moved to Arisbaya (now Arosbaya), became increasingly widespread all over the Island Madura.

Map of Madura 1616

Map of Madura 1660

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