Kingdom of Marioriawa / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Soppeng

The kingdom of Marioriawa was a kingdom of the Bugis People; located on Sulawesi, in the District Soppeng, Prov. South Sulawesi.

District Soppeng

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History of the kingdom

Marioriawa Sub-district was located in Soppeng District, which was once an independent kingdom and existed in the shade of the Confederation of Wattansoppeng (Soppeng). Although Mario Riawa was under the auspices of the Confederation of Wattansoppeng, during the reign of La Pawiseang Datu Soppeng VII, Mario Riawa left the confederation and Mario Riawa joined the Wajo Confederation, which was led by Arung Matoa Wajo Lataddampare.
Marioriawa at that time was ruled by Lapaiyyo (Lamappaiyyo) Datu Marioriawa and he died in Lagosi (Wajo), so Lapaiyo was given posthumous the title of Lapaiyo Datu Marioriawa Matinroe Ri Lagosi. Mario Riawa Kingdom consisted of three Pabbicara and one Sullewatang.
The last Datu in Mario Riawa was Datu Mappejanci, the last Pabbicara at Attang Salo was La Pariwusi (Andi Pariwusi Daeng Mapadeng Pabbicara Attang Salo). The last Pabbicara in Manorang Salo was Andi Meru (Andi Meru Pabbicara Manorang Salo). The last Matoa in Lompoe was Andi Wakka Daeng Mawakka.

After the formation of a unitary state of the republic of Indonesia, Soppeng became part of Indonesia and Soppeng Kingdom was changed into Soppeng District, then the status of the Kingdom of Marioriawa-also participate changed into Mario Riawa District, entered into the administration of Soppeng Regency.

Map of South Sulawesi (incl. Marioriawa) 1909

List of kings

  1. We Temma Buleng Malotongnge Datu (Ratu) Marioriawa (wife of Sulaedde/ La’de Bolongnge Datu Soppeng IX)
  2. We Pada Datu (Ratu) Mario Attassalo.]
  3. We Pancai’tana Bunga WaliE Datu Mariorawa merangkap Datu Tanete
  4. La Mallarangeng, Datu (Raja) Marioriawa.
  5. Yabeng, Datu (Ratu) Marioriawa Attang Salo (Istri La Maggalatung (La Manrulu) To Kali Arung Matoa (Raja) Wajo)
  6. Baso Jaya Langkara Datu Marioriawa Merangkap Datu Tanete
  7. La Mappaiyo Datu (Raja) Marioriawa MatinroE Ri Lagosi (Tewas Oleh Iparnya sendiri yang bernama I Tenri Dolong)
  8. La Malleleang Datu (Raja) Mario Riawa Attassalo
  9. La Patau Petta Jangko, Datu (Raja) Marioriawa.
  10. La Makkarakalangi Baso Tancung (Tanecung) Datu (Raja) Marioriawa
  11. I Dulu Datu (Ratu) Mario ri Attangsalo (wife of La Makkarakalangi Baso Tancung)
  12. La Koro Arung Padali Datu Marioriawa Merangkap Batara Wajo/Arungmatowa (Raja) Wajo XLI
  13. La Passamula Datu Mariorawa MatinroE ri Batubatu, Merangkap Datu Lompulle, Ranreng Talotenre and Arung Matowa (Raja) Wajo
  14. La Mappe Datu (Datu) Marioriawa.
  15. La Mungkace Datu Marioriawa
  16. Andi Galibe Datu Marioriawa (Datu Soppeng XXXVI)
  17. Andi Mappejanci Datu Marioriawa Merangkap Datu Soppeng XXXVII

– Source:,_Soppeng

Additional information
* One of the two semi-independent vasalstates of Soppeng in North Mario-ri wawo
* Around 1860 Regent Dowager Princess Dara Wali,
Regent for her minor son, was mentioned as regent for her minor son I Mallé.


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The old community House of Marioriawa



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