Kingdom of Agrabintapura / Jawa – Kab. Cianjur

The kingdom of Agrabintapura was located on Jawa, Kecamatan Agrabinta, Kab. Cianjur, prov. Jawa Barat.
This kingdom existed around the first century.

Provinsi West Jawa

District Cianjur

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History of the kingdom

The kingdom of Agrabintapura was a kingdom, that once existed on Java, founded by King Swetalimansakti, the younger brother of Prabu Dewawarman King of Salakanagara in the 2nd century. This kingdom was contemporaneous with Aki Sugiwanca from the kingdom of Jampang Manggung. This kingdom is located in District Agrabinta, South Cianjur.
The leader of the Pondok Pesantren Bina Akhlak, KH Djalaludin said, the existence of the kingdom of Agrabintapura is described in the manuscript naskah Wangsakerta in 1677 AD. Kingdom was founded by Prabu Swetalimansakti, the younger brother of Prabu Dewawarman, King of Salakanagara, 2nd century AD.

Old maps of Jawa

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Jawa,  1650

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